Saturday, June 4, 2011

Decision Time

Yesterday was a rest day.  So, I started the day off with a Chobani yogurt and my friend’s Protein/Energy bars:

2011June 002

Those bars were awesome in the vanilla yogurt.  Great for dipping!

2011June 003

I got busy researching about setting up my own domain name through Blogger and what the benefits would be and then trying to decide on a new name (And by research, I mean, emailing my sister Vann).  I finally did it, as you know, by my previous post! Now I’m excited to redesign my blog!

My next meal was tuna salad with crackers:

2011June 005

And for dessert:

2011June 008

After playing around on the computer for way too long and purchasing my new domain name, I headed over to Title Boxing.  I have been wanting to see what it is all about.  There was a class going on when I got there and those people were working!  Lots of sweat and red faces.

So, now I need to make a decision. 

The warehouse: Pros: I loved going there and being around other fit girls.  They make me work harder. Those workouts are a little bit of everything…strength training, cardio, plyos. Cons: It is 1-2 hours long.  So, it eats up my entire morning.  It’s a lot of cardio, so I won’t be doing my fasted morning cardio runs on the days I go there (and I really enjoy those runs).

Home workouts:  Pros: I love my home workouts these days.  I run my 5 miles, eat, then go down stairs and knock it out in 20-30 minutes and do whatever I want. It’s FREE and I don’t have to leave my house.  I can workout with Justin. Cons: I don’t push myself as hard as I do when other people are around.

Title Boxing: Pros: I have been wanting to try it. I love that type of cardio.  I miss hitting and kicking bags and being yelled at while doing so!  It’s something new and fresh and exciting.  It’s only cardio, so I can still do my weights at home.  Cons: I have to sign up for a year. That’s really the only con because I don’t know much about it.

What do you guys think?  Do any of you go to Title Boxing?

After checking out Title Boxing, I called my sister to see if she and my nephew wanted to meet me at Yogurtini!  They had never been there before! 

2011June 009

It was fun to see what type of mixture a kid would make.  It was not delicious!  He had fun though!

Mine, was delicious and I also had fun (in case you were wondering)!

2011June 011

It was a beautiful day, so Autumn and I sat outside and chatted while Evan played around the fountain that shoots water back and forth and he ended up totally soaked.

2011June 014

He loved it!

2011June 013

Justin was golfing with his Dad yesterday and arrived home a little before me.  We rested for a bit and shared our days with each other.  I ate another cup of Chobani yogurt with some brown rice crispy cereal in it.  (by the way, 2 greek yogurts and a yogurtini is my dairy max for one day…that is all I will say about that Winking smile)  Then it was time for me to get ready to go to a wedding, that was my Uncle’s Girlfriend’s Daughter’s wedding.  We had never met the girlfriend nor her daughter so we were there to meet everyone and then to celebrate a marriage of the people we just met.  It was super casual and on my Uncle’s deck. He smoked some ribs and after the ceremony, we all ate ribs and sides and then Strawberry Shortcake in lieu of a wedding cake.

I was so tired when I got home for some reason.  I was asleep before 10pm!


  1. What all was going on in Evan's bowl??? It looks full! haha

    I like your new header for your blog, good job! Now that you mentioned Yogurtini, Im thinking I should maybe take mom there today. That sounds awesome! I hope you've been eating the peanut butter froyo mmm. It is the best. I always get it with chocolate :)

  2. How do you make your tuna salad?

  3. Vann, I hope you and Mom had fun at Yogurtini!

    Carli, check out my post: Hungry at the Store for the recipe! Enjoy! :)

  4. I wanted to make your protein bars. I have requested to be added to the Facebook group for the recipe!
    if I am not accepted could you help a girl out?

  5. A Fine Balance: Yes, I'll help you out! It's my page, so I'm the one who accepts people! You're in! Enjoy those bars!