Monday, June 27, 2011

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My Sunday started with a run.  It was pretty humid here yesterday, so I got a good sweat rollin’!  I came back and took the girls for their walk.  After being gone quite a bit over the past couple of weeks and not taking them for their walks, they were thrilled to be out and about.

I came home and ate a yogurt bowl (Chobani Vanilla, 1 peach, and crumbled Godwin bars)

2011June 029

Meal #2 was an egg white sandwich with a little Miracle Whip:

2011June 003

I spent most of my day getting caught up on reading everyone’s blogs.  I was getting way behind!

Meal #3: Chicken breast, brown rice with peas, carrots and a couple splashes of tamari, Kale chips.

2011June 005

I snacked on a Twizzler or two or five and had some left over cinnamon roll here and there.  I figured I better actually fix myself a snack before I found myself elbow deep in a bag of chips.

2011June 013

Brown rice cakes with almond butter and jelly did the trick.

I worked on getting my transformation story out to Diana along with and World Physique Magazine.  Diana is going to submit it to Oxygen for me as well.  I’m going to milk this experience for as long as I can!  It also gives me a chance to use all those pictures I had taken. Fun stuff!

2011June 012

For dinner, I cooked up some burgers using lean ground beef.  Topped them with candy onions, tomato and spinach.  Roasted green beans on the side.

2011June 014

Then it was time for True Blood!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  I am ready to get this week started.  This morning started off with being woke up at 3:45am with Brutis (our cat) yelling at us from an unidentified location.  Justin checked the outside doors to see if he had gotten outside. I checked the office, where the girls sleep, which woke them up and then they had to go outside and go potty.  Come to find out, Brutis was trapped in our closet, in our bedroom, the whole time. Sad smile It was a very confusing time. I thought we were all going to be up for all day, but I put the girls back to their bed and Justin and I eventually fell back asleep. Surprisingly, I awoke at 6am ready to get moving! Have a great Monday!


  1. Ok with the kale chips. I am going to try one more time haha
    how long did you put them in the oven? what did you put on them?

    Cannot wait for almond butter and rice cakes with jelly yummmy!

  2. This time I actually put the torn up leaves in a bowl and tossed them with olive oil and kosher salt. Then spread them out on a cookie sheet and baked at 400 for about 5 minutes. I don't time it, I just watch them very closely. They go fast. On comp diet, I sprayed the cookie sheet with Olive Oil Pam, then spread the leaves out and sprayed them with Olive Oil Pam (very quick sprays). Cooking time is the same.