Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday Recap

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes, both here and on Facebook.  Birthdays on Blogs and Facebook are so fun!  I am filled to the brim with all the LOVE!

I started my day off with a couple Godwin Bars:

2011June 020

They fueled me through my first class at Title Boxing!  I LOVED it!  It is the part of karate that I miss (besides all the people, of course!).  I am a sweater!

2011June 021

If you have a Title Boxing in your area, I recommend trying it out.  The first class is free.  I signed up for the year.

Post workout, I ate a yogurt bowl:

2011June 001

In the bowl:

  • 1/4 cup cooked 7-grain Cereal
  • 1 cup Chobani Honey
  • 1 banana
  • Gluten free Peanut butter puffs sprinkled on top

For my birthday, I want a Garmin Forerunner.  I think I want the 405CX, but the 305 is so much cheaper.  The 305 isn’t a watch also and that bugs me.   So, I’m kind of going back and forth.  If you have either of these, please weigh in.  I need help!

While we were out shopping, we ate at our favorite sushi place:

2011June 008

Then Yogurtini, of course:

2011June 012

We ran a few more errands and then headed home.  For dinner, we ordered take out from Bonefish.  I got Bang, Bang shrimp with the house salad and the Flourless brownie:

2011June 0052011June 006

I ate about 1/2 the shrimp and 1/2 the brownie. It was yummy while I was eating, but my stomach hurt later!  No sugar for me today. I didn’t think it was possible, but I am sugared out!


  1. I erupted into laughter over your yogurtini pic!!!!! Justin keeps it real!

  2. Haha all of it looks super yummy and glad you've been enjoying your birthday with treats!

    I'm taking all the sugar in looking at your food. mmm looks delish.

  3. PS_ you need to update your about me page!

  4. So glad you an awesome birthday and an even better SWEAT!

    How do I write on my photos like you do?

  5. Vann - I know!

    Nisara - That's why I eat this stuff. I am providing food porn for everyone still in prep! ;)

    Brittany - I use to put the text on my pics. You can do tons of fun stuff to your pictures there and it's free!

  6. I LOVE this new look on your blog!!!! And WHEN you become a personal trainer, just let me know! You're such an inspiration and I know you would be so awesome at it!!!! Hugs!!!