Monday, May 23, 2011

What’s Next

Today is starting out with oats, protein powder and a banana!

2011May 006

I have been looking forward to this breakfast for weeks and it did not disappoint!

Everyone wants to know what is next.  First off,  we have an inspection type meeting this Wednesday for our group home so today and tomorrow will be all business around here getting my much neglected paperwork in order!  There are some areas of our business that I have neglected over the past several months and I need to get our office and house organized and back to normal. So, I’ll be working on that for a couple of weeks, I’m sure!

I am back to clean eating today and am going to start a strength program.  I need more muscle!  I definitely want to compete again, but I need to bring bigger shoulders and more defined legs and abs to the stage next time.  I also need to be leaner.  I am going to play around with my cardio over the next few months and see what works best.  I really love my morning 5 mile runs, but that may be too much running while I’m trying to build muscle.  I just need to see how my body reacts and what works best for me.

So stay tuned!  I’m going to post again sometime today with more pictures from the comp!  See you later!


  1. Stacy, you looked so great up on the stage, like you've been doing it your whole life!
    It is obvious you are so loved, that is awesome that you had such a strong support system at the show.
    Enjoy the slower pace for the next few days!

  2. Hi, Stacy
    I have been following your blog and I just wanted to congratulate you! You have come so far and you did an amazing job! You looked great in your first competition and should be very proud of your accomplishment!
    I was nervous for you when time was approaching as I were the one competing! You inspire me every day to eat healthy by posting your meals and to get going even when I don't feel like going to the gym!
    Thank you so much!

  3. WHOOHOO! I'm SO proud of you! You looked phenomenal! You absolutely looked like you belonged on that stage. What I think I might have loved most was how confident you looked and how you just owned the stage. Nothing against the other competitors, but when I saw the pics of you next to some of the girls you just seemed like you were exactly where you should be and knew exactly what you were doing. I'm so inspired and so excited for you! YOU DID IT!!! WOOT WOOT! I really don't think you could be much leaner though and still keep muscle. I'm incredibly excited for you. You looked stunning! Kudo's to your trainer as well. She prepared you really, really well! You clearly built the house, but she gave you some fantastic tools to build it with :-)