Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snacky Snackerson

For a brief second I was able to post comments yesterday, so I got one in.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a response to any of the comments on my own blog. Sad smile  I’ll just do it here:

Brooke: Yes, I doubted myself in the beginning (and in the middle and definitely at the end!), but just keep plugging along and Trust the Process.  It works!  You can do it! In the end, when you are standing on stage, it will be one of the proudest moments of your life because you will remember how you conquered all that self doubt!

A Fine Balance: Glad I could help with the pancakes.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Amanda: Yes, I have been on this weight loss train for 2 years and did a strict comp prep plan for 16 weeks.  Girls who can do it in less start out leaner.  I started my comp prep around 30% body fat and ended at 17%.  A lot of girls START at 17%!!  That is my goal for next year! Winking smile

Just because:2011May 015

After my pancakes and workout yesterday, we got hit with a pretty big storm.  Tornado sirens and all!  My Grandparents home got flattened by a tornado when I was a kid.  Luckily, my older sister and I were with them visiting my Dad in Arkansas so everyone was safe.  That also means that my sister and I were with them when they drove home to it and I got to witness firsthand the devastation.  I will never forget that feeling nor the feeling of my knees knocking together.  Needless to say, I have some pretty strong feelings about tornados and when the sirens go off, I listen!  In fact, a friend of mine was trapped in Target when it all hit and she couldn’t tell what was going on outside.  They were just telling all the customers to stay put.  She called ME to get the scoop on the weather because she knew I would be on high alert and glued to my TV!!  She was right!!

After all the storm excitement passed, it was time to eat.  I ate the burger and brussel sprouts meal again so I could take a picture of it, and because it is so delicious!!

2011May 031

It’s actually one burger, but I sliced it in half, poured Gates BBQ sauce over it, and topped it with spinach and red onion with a side of roasted brussel sprouts.

My fourth meal was Nachos.  I think I am getting Nacho’d out, or at least my tummy is.  I didn’t feel so good after eating these.

2011May 001

I got pretty snacky and ended up eating a graham cracker with Nutella, a Snickers ice cream bar, some of Justin’s Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and some almonds throughout the afternoon/evening.  I finally realized, I was HUNGRY and ate some egg whites!  When I’m snacky, I just need to eat a meal. Treats are just so much more fun!!  I need to ditch the ice cream products because my body doesn’t like them, but the graham crackers with nutella is a keeper.  I can have just one cracker with about a tablespoon of Nutella and it’s a yummy little treat.

I received my slideshow from the photoshoot last Friday and I love them! I am so glad I decided to do that.  I will treasure those pictures and this moment in my life forever!  I highly recommend doing a full on photoshoot around your competition.  You won’t regret it!  Here is one of the pics:



  1. Your blog is such a source of inspiration! Had a bit of a meltdown yesterday as I gained three pounds! I am hoping though to get back on track....51 days to competition! looked back to your posts and you looked fabulous!

    Thanks for responding in your blog to my questions!

    and blogger has been giving em troubles as well

  2. I love the photoshoot picture! you look gorgeous! such a good idea to have pictures taken so you can look back and be proud of how far you came. Thanks for replying to my comment, i know i can do it i just have a little self-doubt sometimes- I will trust the process though!!

  3. You look so pretty! I am wanting to do a comp but do not have a gym membership, just workout at home with my treadmill, spin bike, elliptical & weights so I'm not sure if I can accomplish this goal by those things & not a gym. Where can I find the pancake recipe, it looks delish??? :)

  4. You look STUNNING... what a fantastic photo/keepsake! I think I will have to do something like that next time I compete. I always purchase the show pics so I have TONS of them but a photoshoot is so different! Love your bikini too! Hotness!

  5. You are gorgeous! I'm so glad you did this photoshoot... like you said, this was a unique moment and it'll be great to look back one day and re-live that moment thru photos. Your progress amaze me and you're such an inspiration!

    Oh, and I can eat those nachos for ya if you want ;-)

  6. You look like a model!! Way to go!

  7. yay! I can comment today!

    Thank you for all the kind words. I hope you all do it for your next comp and post the pics!! It was so fun!

    A Fine Balance: was the 3lb gain after a high carb day? I always had a 2 to 3 lb gain after those days and it would always mess with my head a little. It eventually stops doing that though as your body starts USING all those carbs and water.

    Kristen: The pancakes recipe is in the "2 days out" post!