Sunday, May 22, 2011

Show Recap!

Oh, you GUYS!  I am still flying high over the incredible time I had over the past couple of days (and from the sugar I just ate for breakfast!). Still emotional.  Tears filled my eyes this morning as I looked back through all the pictures my sister, Vann, took of me at the night show and all the pictures I took from back stage and all the pictures my sister, Autumn, took of me from prejudging!

So many memories were created yesterday!  All my hard work paid off and a dream came true for me.  I did not place, but, like Justin said, I got to come home with this body!  I did what I set out to do and that was change my life and get on stage (next time, I will place!)!

It is an indescribable feeling to see my family, first after prejudging and then again after the night show and to hear how proud they are of me and to see the excitement in their faces.  Every one of them has been on this journey with me…..watching me push harder and sacrifice and change my life.  I can not put into words how much it means to have the support of my family and to have them show up for me!  I have wrapped those memories up tight and securely locked them in my heart forever.

2011May 092

My Dad, Step-Mom, brother Chaz, his wife Becky and my sister Autumn came to prejudging!

2011May 093

Justin’s Mom also made it in the morning to congratulate me!

2011May 133

My sister, Vann, her Fiance, Matt, my Justin and my Mom were there for me at the night show!

So instead of recapping every single detail in words, I’ll just get to the pictures!! That’s really what we all want to see anyway, isn’t it?!!  Get comfy, you know I LOVE pictures and so does my sister, Vann, who took most of these!!

2011May 005

Justin got up at 5:30am so he could see me off!  He took these as I was leaving!

2011May 0072011May 0102011May 0132011May 0362011May 0372011May 0382011May 0392011May 0402011May 041

2011May 0442011May 0452011May 0472011May 0482011May 0492011May 0502011May 0532011May 0542011May 052

2011May 055

2011May 0582011May 0592011May 0612011May 063

2011May 064

I have tons more backstage pics.  I’ll save those for tomorrow!!

Thank you for all the kinds words of encouragement and advise.  I appreciate every single word.  Keep the post comp advise coming!!

Of course, Diana and I have talked in length about my post comp plan, but I also love reading what you all have to say and what has worked for you!  I am definitely going to enjoy my sweets today and then, like Melissa has said, I’m back to comp diet tomorrow and will do a reverse diet to slowly incorporate things back. (wish me luck with that!)

Oh, one more thing.  I was so tired after the show, Justin and I ended up just stopping by Wendy’s on the way home and I ate this:

2011May 083

Along with two big bottles of water and some chocolate (those pictures to follow!). 


  1. I literally have chills looking at this post - you look amazing and I am so proud of you !!!!! Thank you for sharing! You're beautiful on the inside and out and can do ANYTHING!! THank u for inspiring us all!!!

  2. I'm so excited for you! You did it! ...and you look amazing!

  3. YOU. LOOK. AMAZING. Looks like it was a pretty big show too! STUNNING. So proud of you. Funny story, my very first show when everyone was going out to eat I was so exhausted that my hubby and I also stopped at Wendy's for a quick bite. LOL! Great minds! Can't wait to see backstage photos! Congrats on your accomplishments.

  4. OMGOSH!!!!!!
    although i havent been following you for very long,i KNOW the hard work,effort,preperation and that feeling of utter joy,excitement and sense of self accomplishment doing these shows can bring!
    soooooooo proud of you!
    so whats next?
    another show this year???
    cant wait to see more pics!
    YOU ROCK!!!!!

  5. Congratulations! You did it! You looked fabulous! What a major accomplishment and experience to have. I am so proud you did it!!!!

  6. You look great. I love your hair and makeup! Thanks for sharing your experience and wish you all the best!

  7. Oh my gosh girl, I'm so proud of you! You look AMAZING!!! And you look like you BELONG on that stage--it was made for you!! I'd say out of all the competitors in those photos, you look the most ecstatic and you're just beaming with excitement! I can't wait to see what else you can accomplish!


  8. You look BEYOND amazing! Great work! Definitely an inspiration!

  9. Oh my,you look ridiculously cute and what a smokin body! GREAT job! Look at those abs? I'm so impressed, you did so well. Love, love, love all the pictures and so proud of you! Great job, enjoy those treats!!

  10. I agree with everyone else's comments! You look AMAZING and FANTASTIC! The stage is definitely the place for you. You look so poised and natural and you can tell how happy you are to be up there. GREAT JOB! So glad you enjoyed the whole experience. Enjoy the post-comp life...until you compete again! ;-) CHEERS!!

  11. I have to say, I almost got a little choked up reading this post! I was just so happy for you and it really inspires me to keep towards my goal. You looked so beautiful -- you really should be proud!!!

  12. You look amazing!! Congrats on going all the way to the end! Saturday it will be my turn. I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. I just hope I have as much fun as your pictures look! You've got me PUMPED!!!

  13. Well done! This has been the first blog Ive checked since I got back from my holiday in Europe .. well done you, you looked stunning!