Monday, May 23, 2011

Post Comp Treats

I have a sugar hangover.  hee hee!  Yesterday was so fun!  I ate whatever and whenever I felt like it!

I started the day off with a cup of coffee and a plate of goodies:

2011May 142

For the rest of the day, I snacked on all my different candies that I bought and these:

2011May 137

My sister, Vann, made these brownies from How Sweet It Is!  Holy Moly!  They are A-MAZING!!  Those are peanut butter M&M’s sprinkled throughout because she knows those are my favorite!  Heaven in a Tupperware container!

2011May 136

Chocolate, peanut butter goodness!

My sister, Autumn, made me the pretzel, with the Rolo, with the pecan on top treats! Another favorite of mine!

2011May 138

My Step-Mom made me three different types of cookies!  They were ALL delicious!

2011May 139

My Mom brought me flowers to the comp and inside the wrapper were THREE boxes of candy!

2011May 140

I think I have a problem with M&M’s and my whole family knows about it!!

I also ate some ice cream and  I did not get sick like I thought I would!  By the time the afternoon rolled around though, there was a period where my stomach hurt pretty bad and I was doing some moaning and groaning in bed, but that only lasted about an hour.

I drank A LOT of water yesterday, too.

Besides candy and brownies and cookies and ice cream, I ate two plates of nachos with ground turkey meat.  The first plate had the liquid cheese on it and wasn’t very good.  I was disappointed!

2011May 001

The second time I ate it, I used shredded cheese.  It was more like a taco salad with tortilla chips!  I was disappointed again with the cheese.  I guess I don’t really care about the cheese part of the nachos like I thought I did!!  By the time dinner rolled around, I was sick of eating junk.  This was the part of the afternoon when my stomach hurt and I felt tight and full and done!!  So, I went back to my comfort food:

2011May 005

I could only eat half, but it was so good!  It helped calm my stomach down, so then I ate a little more ice cream! LOL!

I’m sure I’ll have a handful of M&M’s here and there this week or a brownie or cookie or two, but I’m done with most of it! 


  1. HAHA, that's a lot of junk food, my kinda gal =) I had the tummy ache too, you have gone without for so long, you just can't seem to get enough! Hope you can get back on track, I never could. I'm going to need to go get some m&m's now.....

  2. haha that's funny! I'm glad you didn't go into a diabetic coma! :-)

  3. hahhaha i almost got a stomachache looking at all those pictures!!! good luck on your postcomp meal plan.

  4. I'm SO jealous! Haha, I already have enlisted (aka demanded) some friends to make me some post-comp goodies :)

  5. ok I am re looking at these pictures...yes a bit of torture but I cannot wait to lapse into my own sugar coma :P