Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Good Start

Whoa, yesterday’s food choices slowly went down hill.  I had such a good start and felt so good.  Then I started getting tired and old, bad habits came creeping back.

I started the day by running 5 miles (felt awesome!), walked the girls and then ate some plain Chobani yogurt (Holla, Tammy!)  to which I added some agave nectar and gluten free cereal. I ate that with a side of orange:

2011May 015

Next up was protein pancakes with natural peanut butter on all but one of them with a honey drizzle:

2011May 003

Justin left for the day to go play golf with his Dad.  I got busy trying to perfect my no-bake cookie recipe.

2011May 013

This time, I omitted the butter, only used 1 1/2 cups of oats, increased the almond milk to 1 cup and added 1/2 cup agave nectar (hopefully to keep myself out of the Nutella!).  They stayed softer than the cookies with the butter, but I also haven’t tried one since putting them in the fridge over night.  They may have set up better by now.  They are YUMMY.  I think next time, I’ll even use 1/4 cup of the agave nectar.  They are definitely sweet!  I used a smaller cookie scoop, so they are just a one bite cookie!

The rest of the day, my food went in the toilet!  Sorry you have to be a witness to this:

2011May 005

I felt myself going down hill around 3pm and looking for snack foods, so I grabbed a chicken breast and ate it with some Gates BBQ sauce.  That was my last good decision for the day.  Then this happened:

2011May 011

I never want pizza and wings again.  It was like eating a salt lick.  My body and taste buds were not ready for that hot mess!I hardly tasted anything but salt.

Ah, well, it happened.  Today is a new day!  I will definitely be working out today that’s for sure!  It’s raining, so I will be heading downstairs shortly to get some fasted cardio done.  I might even need to do TWO rounds of cardio today.  We’ll see how I feel.  I have to get this salt moving out of my system!

It’s so true what they say….the more sugar you eat, the more you crave!  I’ve had a little too much sugar lately and it’s starting to show through my food choices! (another reason why I love this blog, it makes me face the truth each morning!)

I’m off to take the girls to the groomer and then get some cardio done!  Also, on today’s agenda, start trying some new healthy recipes from fellow bloggers that I’ve been drooling over for the past four months!


  1. Haha I hear you about sugar and salt over load but damn those pictures look yummy. These days I ask family and friends to tell me what they have eaten so i can live vicariously through them and sometimes it just fills me up when they give me a break down...the other thing i love to do is SMELL food....weird right?

    You blog is a continuous more of inspiration for me. Thank you post your posts! and I cant wait to try these no bake cookies in 46 days! so many things on your blog that I want to try.

  2. Oh Stacy! I'm back to stalking your blog again LOL. You were so right about getting back to "comfort" food after eating junk food for 2 days! I'm also counting all my macros so that I don't go over board. It's weird knowing that I can eat anything I want but still watching everything I eat (well not really yesterday at all lol).