Saturday, May 28, 2011

Date DAY!

Last night was our schedule date night, but we decided to make it a date DAY!! 

I started my day off with oats, protein and a banana:

2011May 031

My next meal was two brown rice cakes with PB&J and strawberry/banana Chobani yogurt with toasted oats and some brown rice cake pieces that fell off into the bag:

2011May 002

Then, we headed out to start our day at the golf range hitting some balls.

2011May 0062011May 008

About half way through my bucket, I got tired of it and then it started raining and then I got cold and whiney!

2011May 0162011May 0152011May 0172011May 018

And then Justin got tired of me it, so we left and ate PIZZA!

2011May 032

I have said before, I am not the biggest fan of pizza.  And while on my comp prep diet, anytime Justin wanted a cheat meal, I always liked it when he chose pizza because there was no temptation for me.  Pizza Shoppe pizza, though, is one pizza I like (and I choose to forget about my gluten and dairy issues).  I only really crave pizza once or twice a YEAR, and it’s always Pizza Shoppe that I crave! 

I had the Big Salad with once slice of cheese pizza!

2011May 0302011May 031

Since we were on a date day, I thought it was appropriate to get dessert:

2011May 033

Seriously, Justin, coconut?

I got chocolate and no-sugar-added banana/strawberry, then topped it with cheesecake bites, skittles (bad decision, it felt like I was eating rocks) and cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

Don’t judge me for my new obsession with Yogurtini, I blame all of you fellow bloggers!  I didn’t even know these places existed until these little delicious cups starting popping up on everyone’s blogs (and a friend told me about it!). But the blogs are what sent me over the edge with wanting to try it!  Peer pressure!

We had work related things to do during the day too. Work Shmerk.  Finally, it was time for the night part of our date!

We put on our fancy clothes and headed to our favorite wine spot for a tasting.  We have become friends with most of the people that work there, so as soon as we walked in, they wanted to hear all about the competition!  Of course, I whipped out my phone and showed pictures and told them all about it!

2011May 037

We got caught up on their lives too, drank some wine and ate an appetizer (smoked salmon with an onion blossom sauce on top of a crostini).  So.Much.Fun.

2011May 038

Then we headed to our favorite restaurant.  Where, not so long ago, I had to just watch while Justin ate all the delicious food and I ordered mine with no oil or butter.  Not tonight!  I had a piece of the crunchy little bread with garlic oil, a spinach salad with goat cheese, the chicken and chorizo skewers with black beans and rice and CHURROS with ice cream for dessert!  Oh, and an order of Arepas for an appetizer.  I totally failed with taking pictures.  These are what I remembered to take:

2011May 0392011May 041

Nice job.

Of course, I shared with Justin and of course, my stomach would not let me eat all of my food.  But, it was fun being able to order like a regular person and I went home full and happy!

Today, I will be eating oats with protein and chicken with brussel sprouts and pounding water! I am so swollen!


  1. I love this post! Tell Justin I ALWAYS GET COCONUT in my frozen yogurt!!!! HIGH FIVE! :) I looooooove those froyo places... a little too much ;) I did really bad and ate it way too much before we got back from SD. Now I have been a good little Weight Watcher and watching what I eat :)

    Also, I might be the only person who doesnt care for Pizza Shoppe. Sad!

  2. I cant wait for our 1st date night!! And PIZZA so yum!!!