Friday, May 13, 2011

9 Days Out!

S I N G L E  D I G I T S ! ! ! !

I feel great this morning!

Yesterday, started out kind of rough.  I didn’t feel so well in the morning and then it was raining so I had to run on the treadmill.  Then I had to pee half way through my run.  Then I started feeling nauseous about 40 minutes in.   I just couldn’t get the day going in a positive direction.


I trained with Diana yesterday and when I first arrived, I was just kind of there.  Not much pep to my step, just had the mindset of let’s get this over with so I can eat and take a nap.  It was our last hamstrings and glutes day.  She put me in the weighted vest and hooked me to the cables with 30 lbs on each side and suddenly the fire was lit!  I had a great workout and my mood got whipped into shape!  I felt great the rest of the day!  Plus, it always helps talking to her about how I’m feeling.  She’s been there.  It’s just good to get the reassurance that everyone feels the way I am feeling.  It’s all mental from here out.

2011May 015

I won my battle with almonds yesterday!  I realized that I was letting my old friend sabotage come creeping in to this party.  I was have feelings of nervousness and anxiety and instead of just allowing my self to feel them and talk about them, I was trying to pretend it wasn’t happening and started sabotaging myself by eating too many almonds.  I will NOT allow myself to do that.  I am in control of my mind and what I put into my body and I am not going to allow that old behavior to take control!  I felt myself reverting to old habits such as making excuses and justifying why I needed those almonds….. I wasn’t actually cheating because they were on my food list…and my body is on fire right now and I’m just burning those up so fast it won’t matter…or I’m bad about taking my fish oil pills so I need this fat…..blah, blah, blah!  That’s the behavior I have been trying to break and it happens when I started getting stressed or nervous or anxious. Yesterday, I won.  I counted out the number of almonds I was supposed to have and I put the bag away.  I chewed gum and ate pickles. Done.

2011May 013

By the way, since I won’t be posting pictures of my food, I’ll be taking an annoying amount of photos of my animals to fill the space!  Enjoy!


  1. You are looking so AMAZING! I know you never get tired of hearing that because you work so hard for it! That's how I feel anyway lol. I'm so happy that you took control of the almond crisis, lol. It's amazing the will power you get going through this journey. The mentality of "I can do anything I put my to" becomes so real everytime you conquer an old eating habit or an old excuse. I love it! I'm so excited for your show!!!!

  2. I remember having an issue with almonds when I last competed. I had to stop buying them, or I had to only buy the 100 calorie packs of them and that really helped me. Otherwise it was my "go to" every time I felt snacky... which was all the time. You look amazing, so excited for you!

  3. wtg on defeating the sabotage. I stuggle with that constantly. I will have 5 days of awesomeness and then 3 days of sabotage. It's horrible, it makes my weight loss go no where!

    i cant believe you can count on your fingers how many days are left! !!

  4. YAY! single digits and it's going to FLY by! I know you're lacking energy and that umph, but you'll get it again sporadically. And I agree, you look great!