Sunday, May 15, 2011

6 Days Out

Only 6 days until the show.  As I sit here this morning, I can’t help but get a little mushy thinking about how I will feel one week from today.  I really have no idea what I am about to experience this coming week…what my body is going to end up looking like….what getting my hair and makeup done will be like….what my photo shoot will be like….what being backstage will be like…..and of course what being ON STAGE will feel like.  Sitting here this morning, I feel very calm about the whole thing.  I am excited to get the week started and the whirlwind of activities that will go along with it.  I really want to enjoy this next week and take in all the moments I have been thinking about for the past 15 weeks…actually for the past year!  I am finally going to reach a goal I have wanted for myself for along time.  Progress pictures are up!

2011May 0062011May 009

I can’t wait to see what I look like at the end of this week and with the competition tan/oil!

If you read yesterday’s post, you know it started off as a busy day.  By noon, I was laying down trying to take a nap.  I only got up to eat.  I knew I still needed to lift weights and get another hour of cardio in, but I was tired and, as Justin said in his comment, CRANKY!  I finally took a nap around 4pm.  It wasn’t until 7pm that I dragged my fanny downstairs and did an upper body workout and then the elliptical for an hour.  The hardest part is always getting down there, but it turned out to be a great workout and I went to bed happy!


The obvious reason for my crankiness is just being plain tired, but another reason is I start taking my progesterone tomorrow so my hormones are starting to get a little off and I’m feeling it.  I haven’t talked much about my hormone issues except to say that I have ugly menstrual cycles.  So, here’s a little history on that.  In January 2009, I was fed up with my periods.  Each month I spent 2 weeks feeling weepy, irritated, and anxious.  I also felt the need to binge eat the week before my cycle started.  Then, once I started, I would be in bed with a heating pad and a bag of M&M’s for 2 days. The pain was so bad at times I would run a fever and throw up.  I was in hell (and frankly, so was Justin – even though he took care of me during this time every. single. month.).  It wasn’t fair to him and it wasn’t fair for me to accept this life for us!

I went to my regular GYN, and she just wanted to write me prescriptions.  A narcotic for the pain and an antidepressant for all the other PMS symptoms.  I left her office and cried in the car.  I wanted to know WHY I was going through this each month, not just treat the symptoms. I threw her prescriptions away and spoke to a couple at my yoga class about my situation and if they knew of any good doctors and right away the lady told me only one name that I HAD to go see!  I set up an appointment right away and my life has been forever changed!

My first appointment lasted 3 HOURS. She just listened to my story and we figured out a plan of action together.  I did the hormone panel spit test (I spit into little tubes over the course of a month), neurotransmitters test, complete blood panel, thyroid panel….we tested EVERYTHING!  There was no chemical or hormone in my body that did not get tested.  I also went and had a sonogram done to see about the painful periods. It showed that I have a fibroid, not too big of a deal, lots of people live with fibroids.  Now I just go in once a year and get a sonogram so we can keep an eye on it and make sure it’s not changing in shape or size.

When the results came back, it showed that I was estrogen heavy, my testosterone was a little more than it should be and my progesterone desperately needed some support during the last two weeks of my cycle!  I felt the biggest weight get lifted from my body.  It was all right in front of me, on paper, a little graph showing my hormonal fluctuations.  I could feel the day that my progesterone took a plunge and now it all made sense!  She started me on the amount of Progesterone for MY body.  It’s made in a compound pharmacy especially for me.  I went back one year later and had my hormones tested again and they are flowing normally!

The other tests also showed areas where I could use some supplements to boost me here and there, but honestly once I got my estrogen, testosterone and progesterone under control, everything else started balancing itself out.  I’m not big on taking a bunch of supplements, so I tried a couple of things she recommended but eventually just quit taking them because everything was going so well with the progesterone.

She also talked to me at length about my weight (at that time it was around 200-205lb).  She talked about foods that cause me to carry extra estrogen (like dairy, red meat, artificial sweeteners) and foods that help get rid of some of the estrogen (like veggies and whole grains).   

The binge eating went away almost completely.  I still feel the urge to eat chocolate, but now it’s more like one or two days around when I start taking the progesterone.  I used to gain 10 lbs in two weeks, then I would spend the other two weeks losing that 10 lbs and then it would start all over. I was in a vicious cycle!  The other PMS symptoms also went away.  Like the chocolate cravings, maybe one or two days I will feel weepy or anxious, but it’s manageable.  It’s more like what every woman feels like.  I was turning into a completely different person each month!

After trying to get my diet under control for a few months, I realized I needed help and that’s when I found Diana.  I had settled in to TOO many bad habits and was still telling myself the monthly excuses I had grown so accustomed too…like I had to eat an entire bag of peanut butter M&M’s because my period needed them!!

Now, due to getting my body fat the lowest it’s every been probably in my adult life, my periods have gotten even better.  I had NO cramps at all in March and then in April I had no period at all.  Now, I know it’s not necessarily healthy to not have a period at all and the excessive exercise is probably what caused that, but if keeping my body fat this low prevents cramps that’s a huge motivator!!  My body seems to really like eating like this and being this size.  In the end, that’s what this whole journey has been about, being a healthier me and finding what works for my body and mind!

Picnik collage2

So, that’s my hormone story!  If you are still reading, CONGRATULATIONS you made it to the end!


  1. I love your story! Last week! :) Your before and afters are insane. You should be so proud :)

  2. I am so proud of you. Congrats for all of your accomplishments - an inspiration for sure!!! :))

  3. Happy Peak Week!!! You will be amazed at the changes your body makes during these next few days!

    Take time to take in what's going on and enjoy the ride!!


  4. Congratulations, Stacy! You look awesome!

  5. You look great Stacy!!! I hope you have fun enjoying Peek Week! You look great and I have no doubt you'll have a blast next weekend... woohoo!

  6. Awesome story!Thanks so much for sharing your journey. I'm so excited to hear about your first show!

  7. Enjoy your peak week! I'll be on stage this weekend too .. so you are not alone (even though our stages are on opposite sides of the world)!

  8. You look AMAZING!! Wow! Your before and afters are truly inspiring! You are going to love this week. It's the best part of the journey - the pampering and primping and just knowing that you worked so hard for every single moment of glory. Soak it in! Enjoy! So proud of you and extremely impressed! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Stacy,
    Wowsa, you really are changing fast these last few days! You look so great, & it is obvious in your tone how good you feel about all the hard work you have done.
    It sounds like you do have some nice treats this week too,I'm sure you'll enjoy it all.
    I can't wait to see the end result, because you look so fabulous already!

  10. Your blog just made me cry. AT WORK!! Your transformation both emotionally and physically is insane. I'm so proud of you and I don't even know you. wow! I'm super duper happy for you. You're beautiful regardless of of what you look like in that purple suit... but man.. I think you feel even more beautiful on the inside now :-) ROCK ON CROUTON(LESS)