Monday, May 16, 2011

5 Days Out

I love mornings!  I feel great when I wake up.  It’s not until around Noon that my mood starts to nose dive into cranky-ville.  Maybe it’s the coffee.  Maybe I should just drink coffee all day!

2011March 015

Yesterday was a rough day.  I was super moody and anxious feeling all day.  I ate some almonds and at this point, one almond is too many, so.…..I ate too many almonds!  They are like my peanut butter M&M’s right now!  Seriously, it’s like the most ridiculous thing.  Why can’t I get it together with the stupid almonds?!  I feel obsessed with almonds!  I think I will have Justin carry them around with him, so I can’t eat them.  I find myself hiding behind the refrigerator door sneaking almonds like I’m a child or something.  Who am I hiding from?!! LOL!!  He is golfing today, so all nuts are going with Justin!

I wasn’t busy enough yesterday.  I let myself be lazy and tired and that’s never good! If I stay busy then I keep my mind off what I can’t have and I keep negative thoughts from creeping in.  I am keeping myself busy today.  I have tons of stuff around the house to get done, I’m training/posing with Diana today, I need a manicure and pedicure and I need to pack my bag for the show.

I can’t believe it’s the Monday before the show!  I’m nerrrrrvous!  I feel good about my walk and poses (AT HOME!), but I’m nervous about the stage part.  I am a sweater and a shaker!  What if I start pouring sweat and shaking so bad everyone can see!?!  My head starts swimming when I get in front of large groups of people.  eeeeek!

My goal for today (besides no almonds!) is to think positive thoughts!  If I keep telling myself that I am tired, hungry and nervous, then that’s exactly what I am going to be.  So, I am ENERGETIC, FULL AND EXCITED!!!

Have a Fabulous Monday!  Keep those words of wisdom and motivation coming!! I need every single one of them!


  1. Stacy, those darn almonds! I can totally relate. I'm also using positve thinking and affirmations to keep myself calm. Good advice and info all of us. I'm with you in spirit. We are going to have a fun day!!

  2. You are amazing! Your story in itself is helping me stay on track on not cheat. I still have 8 weeks to go
    but you look fabulous! and you're so close to the finish line


  3. Wow I fell upon your blog a few weeks ago and I'm hooked. I am so impressed with your commitment and perseverance. You have inspired me, so I'm on a similar journey also. I check in with you everyday before I start my day. Thanks and good luck with the show. No need to be nervous you are as prepared as you need to be and you have Diana at your back so enjoy this experience!!

  4. I am sooooo tired, you just reminded me that I need to be ENERGETIC, FULL AND EXCITED! Turning my head around will help. Change the mind set = GOOD! You are soooo close! I read your blog everyday and it helps me stay on track. You are almost there!

  5. Yah for Puerto Rico!! It will be my first time there. Your coffee looks so yummy and Thank YOU for the words of wisdom. It is so comforting to read your blog and see that your going thorough the same experience. XOXO

  6. “That which does not kill me, makes me stronger.” -Frederick Nietzsche
    hope this helps :)

  7. Stacy, you've got this! You look so great, & you have kept your head in the game, your nose to the grindstone, the pedal to the metal, since January, you are TOO STRONG for these last few days to get the better of you.
    I'm so proud of the hard work you've done & to know you & call you a friend.
    You rock!

  8. Haha we are so much alike! I LOVE me some almonds--especially the cocoa roasted kind! Luckily(?) I've managed to stay away from them these past 3 weeks since I have some major catching up/shedding of fat to do. If I can do it, I know you can too. So stay strong! You're better/stronger than the almonds!! <3

  9. Final Countdown! I would be the same way. But I think you just need to remember that you have worked hard and you have earned your right to be up there. We are not judging you!

    If you arent supposed to have almonds then get rid of them! ;)

  10. Almonds are your friend... and you will see your friend again AFTER next week :-) But for now you just don't have time for THAT friend so they are on the shelf (or in Justin's car). YOU ARE SO CLOSE!! OMG! I'm SO excited for you! You've got this. Do NOT get to that show and put your suit on and say to yourself "I wish I wouldn't have eaten that last almond."

  11. YAY, 5 days out, that's awesome!

  12. Sooooo close and when its over you can eat all the Almonds you want. Just think of it that way. You can do ANYTHING for 6 days. ANYTHING! :) By the way, I am also a shaker... and even after doing 7 shows I shake like a leaf EVERY TIME. The good news is that no one else can really even tell. Everyone says to me "you look so comfortable on stage, so calm" and I am thinking what sort of crack are you on because I was shaking like a freaking leaf :) It will be okay. Just rock that stage!

  13. You look fantastic, and you're so close to show! Wow! It's so great to follow your progress and see "it" happen! You're amazing, and I hope you're incredibly proud of yourself!