Saturday, May 7, 2011

14 Days Out

I could almost cry at just typing those numbers…14 Days!  After barely making it 4 weeks into the comp prep last year before giving up, I am filled with so much pride and accomplishment.  I have a tendency to set goals for myself that take me to my “edge” and last year this same goal sent me over it.  This year is soooo different.  I feel so great!  I am loving what I see in the mirror everyday!  Last year I just couldn’t give myself over to the process.  I was scared.  I felt like I was losing control.  Diana kept telling me “Trust the Process”.  This year I did just that and guess what, IT WORKS!!  And even more than that, it has taught me just how much control I have over every aspect of my life!

Training for something like this makes you really critique yourself and there are definitely some days when all I can see is the negative (like I totally photoshopped the below picture in picnik and removed my crows feet and two blemishes!Flirt male).  But, I’m talking body issues here, not a few wrinkles!  Luckily, I have Justin by my side to quiet those thoughts and point out all the positive.  And I have Diana, who reminds me of how far I have come and to only compare myself to myself, forget all the other girls.  I have learned over the past 16 weeks how to stop those negative thoughts that want to creep in and flip the switch of self sabotage.  I am in control of what I tell myself everyday.

The Graduate

VannGraduation 002

She’s done!  Yesterday was a fun and busy day!  Watching Vann graduate was awesome!  I know she is waking up this morning with a great big smile!

VannGraduation 044

The whole family was there, well except two of our brothers.  I’m sure they have excellent excuses though, like they were trying to save someone from jumping off a building or something. Angry smile

Anywho, the important people were there and we celebrated her accomplishments with love and flowers, which Matt (her fiancé) then got to carry around along with her little pink clutch!VannGraduation 041

After the graduation, I came home and got busy cleaning our house and getting ready for Vann and Becky’s graduation party that we are having today.  I also made a dessert (I’ll share with you tomorrow) and cooked all my fish and asparagus that I’ll need for today.  I was a busy bee.  I didn’t stop moving until around 7pm, which is probably why I completely forgot about my Round 2 cardio!  ugh!  I even came home and put on my workout clothes after the graduation so I could go do it and then I got wrapped up in getting stuff ready for the party.  I guess house cleaning and food prepping is going to have to count as cardio!


  • Morning Cardio: 60 minutes on the treadmill
  • Weights: Chest and abs with Diana (The closer I get, the weaker I feel!  I felt like such a punk yesterday.  My bench presses were pathetic!!)
  • Round 2 Cardio: cleaning and cooking!


Meal #1: Oats with protein

2011April 006

Meal #2: Egg whites with two slices of gluten free toast

2011May 020

Meal #3: Oats with protein (ate in the car on the way to the graduation – of course I forgot to take a picture of that!)

2011April 007

Meal #4: Oats with protein (ate in the car on the way home from the graduation!)

2011April 008

Meal #5: Oats with protein

2011April 009

Meal #6: Tilapia and asparagus

2011May 005

I love my oats with protein powder!!!  It’s good hot or cold, perfect for taking on the road.  I am loving that tilapia and asparagus meal, too!  Although, I feel for the people that don’t like tilapia, because I can’t imagine having to eat something I don’t like this often!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!  I think it’s done raining here and the sun is out, so I’m hitting the streets for morning cardio! See y’all tomorrow!


  1. 2 weeks is SO nothing. remember when practically yesterday when I said you have 5 mondays left? it's only 2 now!!!
    thanks for taking the photos and for the flowers stacy!!! :) Cant wait to hang out with everyone today :)

  2. what crows feet are you talking about? You are gorgeous lady! You are doing something that only a few people I know have the willpower to do; you are in the process of accomplishing something great...and it is not all about the competition it is about finding you, your inner strength, beauty, willpower you never knew you are now in control of you...Keep your head up, shoulders back and rock the house :*)