Tuesday, May 10, 2011

11 Days Out

Feeling good this morning!!  The weather in the midwest is so funny, but people’s reaction to it is even more funny! Now, it’s too HOT here!  Everyone moaned and groaned over the winter (me included), then it was too cloudy and rainy, now it’s too hot!  Funny stuff!  You won’t hear me complaining about the heat! I love it. I love running outside in just a sport bra and shorts and pouring sweat!  Looking forward to getting out there this morning!


Photo taken by David Bickley at the last WBFF seminar.

I had a great run yesterday morning.  It was hot and humid with a breeze. Perfect!  The girls were excited to get their walk too.

Besides cooking and eating and working out, we ran a couple errands and that’s about it.  I had quite a bit of work to do for the group home so that kept me busy yesterday.  As tired as I feel, I haven’t been napping in the afternoon.  I lay down for a bit but never actually fall asleep.  I sleep really good at night, though, so maybe not taking the afternoon nap is a good thing!


  • Morning cardio: 5 mile run, walked the dogs
  • Weights: at home: biceps and triceps
  • Round 2 cardio: power walked around the neighborhood for 60 minutes

2011May 003


Meal #1: One scoop of protein powder (I ran out of egg whites)

Meal #2: Oats with protein powder

2011April 009

Meal #3: Tilapia and green beans

2011May 026

Meal #4: Tilapia and green beans

2011May 025

Meal #5: Tilapia and asparagus

2011May 005

These posts are probably going to get even more boring over the next 10 days as I am just doing the same thing every day.  I am getting my hair cut today! yay!  Oh and my cookie order has been placed with my stepMom!! She makes the best cookies and I’m looking forward to those.  They won’t be gluten free but I’m going to keep all my other treats gluten free so maybe they won’t hurt so much.

By the way, I love reading about everyone’s competitions that are going on right now.  I haven’t been able to comment on all of them, but know that I’m thinking about you guys and you ALL are amazing!  I have learned so much from each one of you.  Keep posting your post show feelings, I’m reading!!


  1. Girl you look amazing! I'm so excited for you! And I agree about the weather--here in Charlottesville it's the same thing. However, we have had WAY too much rain...and even a few tornados close-by. Luckily I'm a Weather Weenie ;) (aka weather nerd)

  2. YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!!! You are getting so close-how exciting! I love reading your posts!

  3. I love the picture from that photo shoot! You look so fit & pretty in it.

  4. You look great!!! You have already transformed your body completely and I am excited to continue following you and see how you do in your comp!