Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 Days Out

Sunday, Diana emailed me my “10 days out plan”.  I was so excited just thinking about crossing over that line to the final phase of prep.  This is my first time (as you all know), so of course it’s a little scary, but most of all it’s exciting.  What will my body end up looking like?  I am pushing it beyond it’s limits right now. 

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Enough is Enough (plus a little more)

Yesterday, after doing my morning cardio and eating, I felt nauseous and had to lay down and nap for a few hours.  My body was telling me enough is enough for today. I managed to get myself together for my hair appointment (Holla, Gretchen and Mira!) and then decided to go shopping for my photo shoot outfits instead of coming home and eating too many almonds laying around and letting my head get to me!  I was pretty tired and hungry when I got home, so after eating, another nap was in order!

After nap #2, I got myself together once again and headed to the karate school for the cardio class. I was definitely tired but I wasn’t nauseous so I knew I had to keep pushing.  She kicked our butts and I slept like a log last night!

The Scale

The scale is absolutely pointless at this point, BUT I love my scale and hop on it each morning for it to spew it’s numbers at me.  Right now my body is really fighting me over dropping below the 130’s.  Every 10 pound marker it does this.  (That explains the nausea too.)  Whenever my body is fighting me over dropping below it’s comfort level, I get nauseous and a feeling of uneasiness (and eat too many almonds!).   Sorry, body, but we are pushing past our comfort level right now!!  I see a lot of naps in my future!

The Plan

Until now, I have shared every aspect of my prep, including the diet, through pictures.  I felt comfortable doing this because I wasn’t sharing how much of everything I was eating.  Those numbers were designed specifically for me by Diana and I didn’t feel it would be fair to her to share that information.  Plus, what works for me won’t necessarily work for someone else and I didn’t want someone to follow along with me thinking they could eat exactly what I do and get the same results. 

I also felt good with sharing my pictures because Diana didn’t tell me meal by meal what to eat. She gave me a food list and some recommendations and told me to hit a certain number of grams of proteins, carbs and fat at each meal. So, the meals were mine.  Until now.  For the next 10 days, I am only eating what Diana tells me to eat.  She’s written it all out.  The Plan.  So, out of respect to her, I will not be posting pictures of what I eat from here out.

This is the final phase.  I’m excited (and nervous).  I have read about so many girls going through this and I couldn’t wait until it was my turn!  I will still be posting each day about my feelings and how I am doing, but the details of what I am doing will be left out.

Wish me luck!  Here I go!!


  1. I am dying to know what is that liquid protein you put in your oatmeal??? It is killing me and after months & months of reading your blog I am finally going to ask! Kristen

  2. You are going to do fantastic. The final week before a show it is incredible how drastically your body changes. In fact it is almost overnight! Such an incredible feeling!

  3. That's awesome! How incredibly respectful of you to keep what you pay Diana for and what she MAKES HER LIVING at private. That's really cool. I mean, cool that you do it, not cool that we can't see it. LOL It speaks really highly of your character and I totally "get" that and appreciate that! I bet she wishes all of her clients were so respectful :-) KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!

  4. Oh no, Kristen! I have a bad habit of just saying "oats with protein", sorry about that! It's protein powder mixed with just enough water to make it the consistency of peanut butter. I have been eating toffe/caramel/fudge lately, but there are so many great flavors to choose from!

  5. YAY how exciting! The countdown is on!