Friday, May 20, 2011

1 Day Out

I have dreamt about what this day would feel like!  I am going to enjoy every single minute of today.  I want to soak it all up!  I can’t believe the show is tomorrow.  I am ready.

2011May 011

I almost didn’t know what to do with myself yesterday morning with no cardio and then no weight training.  I kept thinking I was forgetting something.  I was plenty busy though.  Justin ran all my errands with me and I was so glad!  My focus is very narrow right now and it’s hard to think about anything else going on around me unless it’s competition related!

First couple of stops were for a new pair of black heels for my photo shoot today!  DSW was first but none of the shoes fit tight enough.  I guess my feet have shrunk!  We ran over to Dillard’s and I found a great pair of strappy black heels. 

The next stop was to the Rocky Mountain Fudge Co. where I picked up some treats (see below)!

Next up was Dick’s for a new fitness outfit (also for the pictures).  I only had the two outfits that I have already worn in pictures, so I wanted something new for today.

Last stop was the grocery store!  I bought my food for next week and my post comp SNACKS!! (the picture just shows the snacks, obviously!)

2011May 004

My favorite tortilla chips with some Newman’s Own cheese dip, Half Baked Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Snicker’s Ice Cream bars, Nutella!, peanut butter M&M’s, Reese’s Eggs (defrosting from Easter), Skittles, Snickers, Butterfinger, Rolo, Reese’s, Kit Kat (Candy bars were 10 for $5, Justin picked out 5 for himself too!).  The other chocolate is from Rocky Mountain Fudge Co.  I bought two almond clusters, two chocolate covered toffees and one chocolate covered cookie/caramel (the lady said it was like a Twix!).

While we were in the store and I was bright eyed and giddy buying all this stuff, Justin advised me to enjoy every minute of buying it because that is going to be the best part!  Once I start eating it, it’s not going to be as fun or taste as good as I think it will!  Booooo!  I want to be in denial and think that it is all going to be AMAZING!!!

The rest of the day was spent packing a bag for the photo shoot (I will never get tired of typing that!)today and a bag for the competition.  Since I will be gone most of today, I want to have everything ready for tomorrow as well.

I purchased some toupee tape, at the recommendation of a fellow competitor.  So, I tried on my suit with the tape and it worked really well.  I will use MORE of it tomorrow because it was starting to pull at my skin a little but it hung on pretty tight!

I tried on all my clothes for the photo shoot today and practiced posing.

Finally, I cooked all my food.

2011May 007

Mmmmmm…boiled sweet potatoes.  I am actually looking forward to those today.  The boiled chicken, on the other hand, does not excite me as much!

2011May 008

I also roasted some asparagus.

Last, but certainly not least, I did my full body shave!  Boy was that fun!  Who knew I had so much hair?!  Justin shaved my back and that was certainly not a job he signed up for when he married me!  Part of being a fair skinned, red head, is having MOLES and they seem to all be on my back!  Justin was in hell thinking he was going to cut me or one of my moles!

Okay, I’m off to get my day going!  First up, get everyone up and ready around here, then get myself in the shower and head down to get my hair and makeup done, then to the PHOTO SHOOT, then I’ll have a couple of hours to rest, then it’s time for my two coats of spray tan and then athlete’s meeting and registration this evening!  I am going to be pooped!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! You will do great & I can't wait to hear how it went. As you mentioned, enjoy every minute of it! It is a blast :-) Oh and Justin is right, buying the food is probably the best part! For me, I can't even think about chocolate candy after the show...butttttt ice cream is another story.... ;) I could eat that for days! Hope you have an awesome time!!!!!!

  2. I love this quote from Henry Ford
    "If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right." and Stacy YOU CAN! So BRAVO!!! Congratulations again and have fun tomorrow.

  3. YEAHHHH!!!!! TOMORROW!!! :)
    I can't wait to bring you more snacks, haha!

  4. yeeeeeeee!!!!
    your excitement is oozing out of this post!!!
    i literally LOL'd at the snack/candy pic....
    i did the SAME thing! and sadly,the treats arent as wonderful tasting as they are in your mind....(but for me- peanutbutter,nutella and a big bowl of ceral? oh yum,heaven!!!!)
    im sure you know this already,but something i wasnt told about after my first show was to do a "reverse"diet after the comp so you dont blow up like a balloon. its OK to pig out,splurge for about 36hrs after the comp,but then guzzle down the water to flush the sodium out(your body will thank you!!!) and then back on the healthy nutrition plan gradually adding back in more complex carbs,diary,etc(all the things you may have cut the final weeks of prep) it takes about 2 weeks,but if you do it right there is minimal weight gain (3-5lbs?) and you wont feel yucky,bloated and sluggish...
    my show was alomst 2wks ago and i am just now getting back in reverse mode(yeah im late getting at it-boo!)-BUT i already feel amost normal again!the bloating is gone,my abs are visable again!
    but anyways,nuff with that...
    YOU just focus on having fun tomorrow!!! stay focused,stay positive and do your best then you will walk away a winner everytime!
    this is your time shine,sister! you did the work,youre conming in at your personal best...
    so shine on chica!!!
    looking foward to pics and a recap!!!!

  5. WHOOHOO!!! SOOO excited for you! I will be thinking about you and wishing the best for you. You won't be on the stage alone.. well.. you will be.. bu not in spirit :-) I know Motley Crue said it first... or 11th or whatever.. but "knock 'em dead kid!" Can I get a WOOT WOOT!

  6. Thanks everybody for supporting Stacy! She really appreciates it and so do I.

    Melissa- Diana told Stacy pretty much what you said a few weeks ago, but good looking out. :)

    Mira- I love that quote!

    Go Stacy Go!!!11!1!

  7. why would you ever shave your back??? yikes! you will see some girls up there may have a little fuzz, razor bumps, stinky, etc that won't show up on stage.

    be careful on your treats afterwards, may do more harm than good. the first bites are the best, but the bloat & pain that comes along with it is dreadful

    good luck!

  8. Good Luck!!!! :)

  9. Have fun! I am so happy for you and Justin that you both have made it to the day of the show with smiles! Enjoy the day/weekend and the relaxing afterward!

  10. YAY!!!! how exciting!!! I am slightly jealous of how you will be feeling tomorrow after your show! Total inspiration to keep on my road towards my first show. Enjoy yourself. You'll do so well!!!! :)

  11. I'm so excited for you! You're going to do fantastic! You've embraced the spirit of the Competing adventure and I can't wait to hear how it goes and how you feel about your HUGE accomplishment! You're about to crest the mountain, you've fought your way up to the top... enjoy every moment!! It's YOURS! You have this!