Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cinnamon Toast

I am really starting to miss cooking!  I eat the same 4 or 5 meals over and over.  I have a pretty tight hold on cravings. Nothing really seems to bother me, so I decided to do some cooking.  Cinnamon toast was on the menu for breakfast.  Seems kind of silly and not really a dive-into-my-cook-books type of recipe, but I wanted to make something that made our whole house smell yummy and sweet and that our group home peeps would love! (Justin and I take care of three individuals with developmental disabilities – have I ever told you that?)

Making cinnamon toast, reminds me of my Mom.  I can still feel the excitement as she cracked the oven door open so we could peek in and watch the sugar slowly start to bubble on the toast.  It smelled so good.  I still do this!

Here’s how Mom always did it:

  • Lay all the slices of bread on a cookie sheet.
  • Spread a generous amount of butter on each slice.
  • Mix your cinnamon and sugar together in a bowl (more sugar than cinnamonWinking smile)
  • Using a spoon, generously sprinkle cinnamon over the butter

2011April 001

  • Put under the broiler
  • Crack oven door and WATCH!  As soon as the sugar mixture starts to brown and form a crust, remove from oven

2011April 002

  • Enjoy!

2011April 007

I just used plain ol’ wheat bread.  I love how crunchy the top gets (that one may have gotten a little TOO crunchy!), yet the bottom stays soft and warm!  Mmmmmmm… so good!  Or at least it was so good to watch the people I take care of enjoy them!

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  1. Hey! Nice to meet you last night. I can't wait to follow the rest of your journey. Good luck! :)