Friday, April 1, 2011

50 Days Out

Happy April 1st! Also known as, April’s Fool’s Day, Boooooo.  I don’t like to have pranks played on me so I don’t do it to other people!  Some people love it though, so, to each his own!  Go nuts today if that’s your thing!

HF Wkshp 066

Photo taken by Will Patterson at the WBFF workshop.

This is the last picture I have from that mini shoot at the posing workshop.  It is my least favorite.  I should have put my hands over my muffin top! Hello! Oh well, it will be gone soon!

Yesterday was a little bit trying.  I woke up feeling great and had lots of energy and then, after my morning cardio, I started feeling run down (and a bit cranky) and that lasted the rest of the day.  It was my second low carb day in a row.  Plus, anytime I train my legs, I am always extra hungry and tired the next day so it didn’t help that I did hamstrings on Wednesday and had low carb days Wednesday and Thursday, my body was not happy!  Today I am training quads and calves so I don’t even know how I will make it through the workout!  It’s a medium carb day, but I will have only eaten one meal when I go to workout.  These are the times I really have to push through!

I soooo badly wanted to grab my bag of almonds and just eat them by handfuls yesterday!  I didn’t!  I counted out how many I was supposed to have and put the rest away.  Anytime I thought about them, I just told myself 7 weeks!  As of tomorrow, I only have 7 weeks until I step on stage.  There are going to be more days like yesterday so I have to dig deep on those days and know that the feeling will pass, tomorrow is a new day!


  • Fasted Morning Cardio – 60 minutes, jogged on treadmill
  • Weights – at home, Shoulders
  • Evening Cardio – 45 minutes, walked on treadmill


Meal #1

2011March 001

Meal #2:

2011a 001

Meal #3:

2011March 001

Meal #4:

2011March 004

Meal #5:

2011a 003

I also had my allotted number of almonds, sugar free Jell-O (like THREE!) and a whole pickle. Oh, and lots of gum!

We have a busier day planned today, so that should help with feeling so hungry. I didn’t even leave the house yesterday so I had lots of time to think about what I wasn’t eating and what I wanted to eat!  I need to keep myself more busy on those days!

Also, I am starting to run low on clothes that fit!  I’m down to one pair of pants that aren’t too big.  Good thing it’s going to be warm this weekend and I can wear dresses if I need to go out!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good feeling, but I don’t want to buy any clothes until about a week after the competition and see where my weight is going to settle.  For now, I’ll just be walking around with a saggy bottom and a belt!

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  1. yay baggy clothes!!!! :)
    50 days for you and 35 til i graduate! May will be an awesome Month for us!