Sunday, April 3, 2011

48 Days Out

 2011April 0162011April 017

Progress pictures are up!

2011April 009

I like seeing all those red “X” marks!  I can’t imagine how I will feel putting an “X” over the #1!

The weather has turned warm again in Kansas City, so I was able to enjoy a 5 mile run outside yesterday morning.  That brought my total to 30 miles ran last week!  I came home to see two very excited girls ready for their turn!  I love walking my dogs.  They are so excited to be out and sniffing every mailbox, utility box, light pole, and random spot in grass or on sidewalk they come too!  I would love to know what is going through a dog’s mind sometimes!

I spent yesterday afternoon visiting with family that had come up from Arkansas for a birthday party. 

2011April 011

I loved seeing my Grandma and I especially loved seeing my stepmom swapping stories with her cousin about childhood memories. (I hope no one minds me using this picture in my blog.  I guess if you don’t see it one day it’s because someone wanted me to take it down!)  I take for granted how often I get to relive childhood memories with my siblings and parents.  Retelling childhood stories is so fun (and important to keeping that memory).  At some point, we forget parts of our life if we quit talking about them, so I love seeing my parents (all 4 of them) when they have the opportunity to be with family that can share in their childhood memories.

I was going to be away from the house for one of my meals so I packed it to go.  Only I left it sitting on the floor BY THE DOOR!  ugh!  I snacked on some raw broccoli and cucumbers at the birthday party but was so hungry by the time I got home.

I only took one picture of my food yesterday and that was of my last meal! So, I included some old ones!


Meal #1: Oats with protein

2011March 001

Meal #2: Chicken with brown rice

Meal #3: Turkey sandwich with a whole pickle

2011March 002

Meal #4: Chicken with raw broccoli dipped in Walden Farms Zesty Italian dressing

Meal #5: Ground turkey taco meat, nacho seasoning popcorn seasoning and hot sauce with roasted kale

2011April 007

Here is what my kale looked like going into the oven:

2011April 003

Eating kale chips with my taco meat was such a treat!  They were salty and crunchy, just perfect!

I was snacky yesterday.  So sugar free Jell-Os and whole pickles to the rescue, not to mention GUM!  My T.O.M. is getting close so I am bloated and snacky!  Just have to take one day at a time and keep pushing through my workouts.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


  1. Looking amazing! Not far to go now :)

  2. God you looked amazing at 48 days out...I have such a long way to go!

    I am carb cycling so it makes me really awful to be around...I hate the diet I am on...oh well Its lovely to look at what you are allowed to eat...going to do this different next time around for sure!

  3. A Fine Balance: I also carb cycled, but I loved it. At first, I dreaded my high carb days because they made the scale go up and I felt thick and gross the next day, but that feeling went away as I got closer and the cardio got longer. My body grew to love those days. Hang in there and TRUST THE PROCESS!