Thursday, April 7, 2011

44 Days Out

2011April 012I love waking up and hearing birds chirping, seeing flowers on the trees, and being greeted by a breeze with just the slightest edge of coolness.  My senses are so happy this morning!  I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm again.  That instantly put me on the happy train for the day.

I took the above picture of our Bradford Pears as the sun was rising.  The sky was a beautiful shade of pink!

2011April 013

Our Forsythia are out in full force as well.  So, bright and cheery.  They are one of the first plants to bloom in the Spring.  Their bright yellow blooms are like a big punch in the face to old man winter, knocking him out for the year!

I have been sleeping so good and feeling so vibrant when I wake up.  I got out of bed so fast this morning my blood pressure didn’t have time to adjust and I got a light headed and my vision was a little blotchy!  Whoa!


  • Morning cardio: 5 miles outside, walked dogs
  • Trained biceps, triceps and shoulders with Diana Chaloux
  • Evening cardio: 45 minutes on the treadmill.  I was shooting for an hour, but my stomach starting not feeling so well.  I hopped off and ate something instead!


Meal #1: Oats with protein

2011March 002

Meal #2: Oats with protein

2011March 002

Meal #3: Grilled chicken with brussel sprouts

2011April 002

Meal #4: Grilled chicken with kale chips

2011April 008

Meal #5: Grilled chicken salad

2011April 009

This is what happens when you don’t watch your kale chips:

2011April 004

I have to be honest, I ate most of those while I waited on a fresh batch to cook!  They tasted like burnt popcorn. 

Oh, I should give you the update on my body fat percentage!  I lost 1%.  Of course, I was bummed and wanted to lose 2-3%, but losing 1% is still better than nothing.  Plus, Tuesday was a high carb day and I’m just coming out of that time of the month so I am probably retaining some water (I’m sure I can come up with more excuses if I think about it longer! Winking smile).  I’m not going to get discouraged with that.  I can only do what I can each day.  I’m just going to keep plugging along and see where my body ends up!

Time to lace up my running shoes!


  1. Whoohoo!~ 1% is on the right track! Great job! Great post! Super positive. I love it. Yay! What's a kale chip? Should I be scared?

  2. Oh No, Kellee, do not be scared of the kale chips! They really are tasty and oh-so-good for you! Keep your eye on them though, they crisp up fast!