Friday, April 8, 2011

43 Days Out

Yesterday started out awesome!  As the morning went on, the awesomeness faded! I was tired and sore and nauseous for most of the day.  So, I took a rest day.  I can’t have my body slowing down on me now.  I’m in the final stretch! I ate too many almonds too!  I am disappointed in that (doesn’t that sound silly?!).  I have to stay focused though.  Every single thing I put in my mouth matters.  If I want my body fat to decrease by more than 1%, no extra almonds!  I justified it by not taking my fish oil pills…so I swapped fat for fat, right? ha!

Anyway, today is a new day!  TRUST THE PROCESS!


  • Morning cardio: ran 5 miles, walked the girls


Meal #1: Oats with protein

2011April 018

Meal #2: Egg Whites with Stir Fry veggies

2011April 016

Meal #3: Oats with protein

2011April 019

Meal #4: Taco Salad

2011April 042

Meal #5: Chicken Stir Fry

2011April 010

I also ate a whole pickle, a whole large cucumber, and too many almonds.  I also chewed A LOT of Extra Dessert Gum!

I feel great this morning, so hopefully this feeling stays with me!  I just have to keep plugging along!  I’m so close!  Time to lace up those running shoes!


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