Tuesday, April 12, 2011

39 Days Out

Good Morning!  This day is starting off right!  I got up at 5:30am (30 minutes before the alarm in case you forgot!), got the dishes unloaded from the dishwasher, clothes in the dryer and am already on my second large cup of coffee! 

2011February 006

Yesterday was a great day!  I feel like I’m riding an energy roller coaster these days!  To help myself keep going I drank a cup of coffee around 1pm yesterday.  It really helped.  I didn’t feel the need to go lay in bed like a lump all afternoon. 


  • Morning Cardio – ran 5 miles, walked the girls
  • Trained back with Diana
  • Evening Cardio – ran stairs at the high school

My cup of afternoon coffee definitely worked because I was eager to get to my second round of cardio around 5pm.  My right hip was feeling a bit tight so I didn’t want to aggravate it by running another 5 miles, so I decided to head up to the high school stadium and run the stairs.  It was a beautiful evening to be outside and running the stairs for an hour was a fun change.


Meal #1: Oats with protein

2011April 018

Meal #2: Egg whites with two slices of gluten free toast

2011April 002

Meal #3: Oats with protein

2011April 018

Meal #4: Roasted chicken and vegetables

2011April 001

Meal #5: Roasted chicken and vegetables with salad

2011April 003

I also snacked on sugar free Jell-O, almonds, drank some Crystal Light and gum!  I actually didn’t feel that snack-y yesterday. 

We bought our plane tickets to visit our friends that live just outside Chicago for June! Can’t wait to see them (and eat a Chicago dog) and it gives me something to look forward to post-competition (besides candy!).

This time of year is exciting for competition folks.  Competition season is in full swing. Here’s a shout out to a couple of beautiful ladies that have stepped on stage:

 Susan at The Next Level, she competed in her first show on April 9th!

Lisa at Lisa’s World, she competed in mid-March in the bikini division!

I have loved following along with these ladies and their journeys to the stage.  Everyone goes through this a little different but a lot of the feelings are the exact same!  It’s good to know I’m not alone in this!  Congrats to you both!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog... your food looks amazing! I will definitely be trying some of it out, thanks! Hey what do you mix your protein powder with for your oatmeal? Is it just water? Because it looks delish!

  2. Hi there The Brown Family! I mix my protein powder with just enough water to make it a peanut butter consistency. It is sooo good!! It's like a no bake cookie before it sets up!

    Thank YOU for stopping by my blog as well!

  3. Holy hannah... that sounds like heaven on earth. To be honest I have never bought chocolate protein powder. I always only buy vanilla because I can change it up by adding other flavors to it and I use it a lot in baking in place of some of my flour BUT you my dear may have just made a chocolate protein powder believer out of me :) That is next on my list! YUM!

    Oh and congrats on your weight, gotta love getting in that zone that seemed so far away. Your going to be amazing on that stage... and let me promise you, IT IS SO ADDICTING :) I have said "that was my last show" at least 7 times now ;)