Thursday, April 14, 2011

37 Days Out

I cried during my workout yesterday.  Tears streaming down my cheeks, crying while I lifted weights.  It was embarrassing.

2011March 013

I felt a little worn down when I arrived to workout with Diana, but nothing crazy, certainly not getting ready to have a meltdown, worn down!  Once I got there we were chit chatting, weighed me in, celebrated reaching the 130’s. Everything was normal.  I sat in the leg extension chair, started my first set of leg extensions and it felt like a wave coming over me.  I couldn’t control it.  I was thinking, Oh No! What is happening?  Then the tears came and they just kept coming for the rest of the hour.   Luckily I train at Hitch Fit where it is only the trainers and their clients, not a big public gym where everyone would have probably been staring at me.  Everyone in there is also competing and they all understood.

Diana kept telling me to let it out and let it go, it’s just part of the process.  It’s means we are on the right track.  This is the time when people either get tough or quit.  How I move through these melt downs is what is important.  She explained to let it happen and don’t let it turn into a pity party.  It is what it is and at some point everyone cries.  Just keep pushing through.  It is almost funny (now) because I would be in the middle of doing leg presses or split squats and the tears would just be spilling out.  I must say I felt so much better after that workout!  She killed my legs and I unloaded a huge emotional ball that had been secretly building inside me.

I was drained the rest of the day.

In more exciting news, my suit is done!!  My friend texted me yesterday and she is done working her magic!  I am getting it today!  I can’t wait! I will definitely post pictures of it.  I also got my warm up jacket back from the printer (finally!).  I’ll get pictures of that today too!  Oh, tomorrow’s post will be so exciting! ha!


  • Morning Cardio – ran 5 miles, walked the girls
  • Trained quads and calves with Diana


Meal #1: Oats with Protein

2011March 002

Meal #2: Oats with protein

2011March 002

Meal #3: Chicken breast with salad

2011April 002

Meal #4: Chicken breast with green beans

2011April 005

Meal #5: Egg whites with roasted Broccoli (sorry, forgot to take a picture and don’t even have an old one to fill the gap! Darn.)

My snacks were a whole pickle, cucumbers, walnuts (ran out of almonds), and sugar free/fat free pudding (made with water).

I have a new way of tricking myself.  If I drink the fruit punch flavored Crystal Light while eating cucumbers (that have been peeled and seeded), I feel like I’m eating candy (kind of).  Just like those roasted green beans in that picture tasted like french fries! ha!

Yesterday was another beautiful day, so I lathered up with sunscreen and hit the lounge chair for some sun, reading and relaxation!  When I’d had enough sun,  I came inside to eat and just be brainless in front of the TV and Facebook but our cable was out! It was out for like 2 hours.  Justin and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  Isn’t that terrible?! 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 130S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Vann!! I'm so freaking excited!

  3. Stacy, way to go on your progress! It always wierds me out too when I find myself in tears & didn't realize I was even close to them (not that it happens so often but it has before). I think it is pretty awesome that everyone was so supportive & that you got a killer workout in anyway! It actually sounds pretty theraputic.
    You have come sooooo far!

  4. Yes, so very normal! I cried too. I was fine after around 3 weeks until showtime, then i was just excited. =)

  5. Kelli, thank you for the support!

    Lisa, thank you for letting me know there is light at the end of this emotional roller coaster(besides the actual competition). When I had my little melt down, I thought, Oh great..If I'm like this at 6 weeks out, what am I going to be like at 4 weeks or 3 weeks out?! Good to know it passes!

  6. Wow! Just found your blog and wanted to say GO YOU!! You look fantastic!
    Where can I find your recipe for the chocolate oats? :-)
    Thanks and Best Wishes!!

  7. I'm really excited for you! I was actually surprised that you didn't melt down sooner (once again that came out way wrong). I think you are a rock and you have been AMAZING with your journey. Get all the bad stuff out and move forward. YOU ROCK! Diana sounds incredible!!! Wow! How awesome to have her help you with your journey! Thanks for your blog today! I loved it! Hang in there girl:-) You really are amazing!

  8. Chelle, Thanks for checking out my blog! I make my oats by mixing just enough water with one scoop of protein powder until it's a peanut butter consistency then I pour that into my cooked oats.

    Kellee, thank you for all your supportive and positive comments! It helps more than you know!