Saturday, April 23, 2011

28 Days Out

Happy Saturday! Here is a picture of my dyed eyebrows!  Both are no makeup, which seems to be the only way I take pictures lately.  Geesh! The one on the left is from March 30th after a hair cut and then the one on the right is with sweaty hair after my run yesterday.  Nice time to take a picture! ha! Anyway, big difference, huh?!  I am getting more used to them and they aren’t shocking to anyone but Justin and I so that’s good.
I’m now 4 WEEKS OUT from the competition!  Holy Crap!

Oh, and I have to get a new suit!  I tried my suit on for Diana yesterday and she said it’s too small…like it’s made for someone who is 5’2”-5’3”, not 5’5”.  I knew it felt small the two times I have tried it on, but I just kept thinking I was going to get that small by the show date.  The height thing never crossed my mind!

Luckily, my fellow competitor girlfriends are coming to the rescue and several have already offered up extra suits they have!  So, next week, I’ll be trying on suits and see if one of them will work.  If they don’t, I’ll just have to order a new one.  I am so bummed because my friend took all that time and put all those Swarovski crystals on it.  I really wanted to wear THAT one!  I was going to try to make it work, by adding a longer string to it that hooks to the bottoms, but even the bottoms are just too small which makes my butt look big!

I’m trying not to be stressed about it.  It will all work out! (But you know I’m stressed about it!)

Yesterday was a no energy day, but I still managed to push through. 

2011April 018
My sister came over and spent the evening with us. (it looks like I’m gritting my teeth…it’s hurts a little to look at it…what was I doing?!)

2011April 019
Justin cooked himself and Vann filet mignons. I stuck with chicken.

It was nice out so we spent the evening lounging in the screened in porch after dinner, chewing dessert gum.  Good times.


  • Morning cardio – 60 minutes running at various speeds on the treadmill
  • Weights – trained with Diana – Back; also did some posing practice
  • Evening cardio – 30 minutes on the treadmill


Meal #1: Grapefruit and egg whites
2011April 003

Meal #2: Oats with protein
2011April 008

Meal #3: Chicken breast and mustard with roasted broccoli
2011April 010

Meal #4: Chicken breast and mustard with roasted broccoli
2011April 011

Meal #5: Chicken breast with mustard with roasted green beans and kale chips (not pictured)
2011April 015
I also snacked on cucumber and ate my allotted number of almonds yesterday.  I was tired, but not really snacky.

I had a great training session with Diana and posing practice went great.  I love how supported I feel at Hitch Fit.  Diana and everyone down there always has such positive things to say to keep me motivated.  They give me energy to push harder!!

Today’s a high carb day! yay!  More cardio! More weights! Pluggin’ along! I’m in the home stretch!


  1. I hadn't brushed my hair in 2 days. Just sayin.

    WHERE did he get those filets. I have never had such a good steak at home, Im not even kidding. The flavor was amazing. I am buy those.

  2. LOL, Vann, evidently I hadn't brushed my hair either!

    The's all in the cooking method!