Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This picture is a cookie that my friend Amy (O So Sweet Cookies) made!  She is so talented!

I finally feel like myself again!  Yesterday was a high carb day and I needed it!  I started off the day with trying to run five miles.  This was my fasted cardio, so I hadn’t had any carbs yet! About 3 miles in I started not feeling very good and then I started feeling light headed and THEN I started getting anxious about having those feelings and then my mind took off on me and I couldn’t get it back!  I started thinking crazy things…like I’m going to pass out and Justin will never find me (in our neighborhood, up the street and down a cul-de-sac! ha!).  So, much of this process is mental and it’s interesting to feel how food, or in this case lack of carbs, affects my brain as much as my body.  Yes, I was tired and worn down but I was NOT going to pass out and someone WOULD find me!  It was all funny to me later, but it ruined my run.  I ended up running home (not getting in my 5 miles) and getting the girls and taking them for their walk (for some reason I had enough energy for that!)

I came home and ate:

2011March 004

After doing my morning jobs around here, I headed down to train with Diana.  We did hamstrings and glutes.  She said she is seeing more definition then she has ever been able to see on me (and I am too!) so that’s good news!  We also talked about how much I need to stay on point and be killing it during every workout and every cardio session.  I only have 65 days and I still have a lot of body fat to lose.  I am still on track, but I can NOT have any slip ups!  I have to stay perfect.

On the way home from training with Diana, Justin called and let me know our order had come!  That meant new yummy protein powder for me!  We always get a free gift with out order and Justin selected options for ME this time:

2011March 036

New, pretty water bottles!!  My oats were super yummy with the caramel toffee fudge!

2011March 009

It was so beautiful yesterday!  I spent time outside reading (and napping) in the sun! The girls enjoyed being outside too!

2011March 0102011March 012

My third meal was:

2011March 013

Meal #4:

2011March 028

Meal #5:

2011March 029

Meal #6:

2011March 034

After dinner, Justin and I settled in and watched Survivor and Modern Family.  Then it was nighty-night!


  1. I just realized you mix protein powder with oatmeal! I ordered some Chocolate Truffle protein powder for after my work outs with my boss Martha [she had a lapband a year ago and has to drink protein shakes] and am excited to get it. I loved the Choc Truffle when I tried it. I may try to add it to oatmeal!

    The stirfry looks awesome! How can you not stay perfect when you food looks so good! :)

  2. Thanks, Vann! One of the perks of being home all day is I have the time to prep and cook yummy meals!

    I hope you enjoy your protein powder as much as I do!