Friday, March 4, 2011

Already Productive

Yes!  I hopped out of bed today ready to get busy!  I made coffee (which I am enjoying as I type!), emptied and loaded the dishwasher, moved laundry around and started a new load and now I’m writing in my blog!  I already feel productive!

It is pretty warm out this morning.  I may even wear shorts for my run! Whaaaaaat?!  Now that is some exciting news!

Yesterday, was GREAT!  It was a low carb day, which right now I am really liking.  I am sure as I get closer to the show these feelings will change.  I like these days because, while I am a little hungry all day, I feel light and clear headed.  High carb days tend to make me feel heavy and kind of foggy headed!  Today is a medium day, which are always the best days.  I feel perfect on these days.  This is how I will continue to eat after the show.


  • Morning cardio – 60 minutes
    • ran 4 miles
    • walked/ran with the dogs
  • Warehouse
    • jump rope
    • sprint in place
    • pushups
    • sprint on treadmill
    • resistance lunges
    • plank
    • mountain climbers
    • bicep curls
    • overhead press
    • squat jumps
    • resistance runs
    • leg lifts
    • run “out and back” (outside to a cul de sac and back) 1/3 of a mile each time
  • Home workout
    • french press
    • hammer curls
    • tricep kick backs
    • wide grip curls with easy bar


Meal #1: oats with protein

2011March 002

Meal #2: egg whites, gluten free toast

2011March 007

Meal #3: egg whites with peppers and onions

2011March 009

Meals 4 and 5: Taco salad

2011March 011

I snacked on whole pickles, almonds and sugar free gum throughout the day.


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