Thursday, March 3, 2011

79 days

I am getting really excited!  Before I know it, I will be in a teeny tiny bikini, with 5” heels, a pile of makeup and a crazy tan!  Oh My!

I purchased my little black warm up to wear back stage at the show.  I have always looked at pictures of girls behind the scenes at competitions and they always look so cute in their black warm ups.  I couldn’t wait to have my very own!  I am taking it in to have the HitchFit logo printed on the back.  I’ll post pics as soon as I get it back!


  • Morning cardio – 60 minutes
    • ran 5 miles
    • walked/ran with the dogs
  • Diana
    • leg extensions
    • leg press
    • sit squats
    • calves on leg press
    • seated calf raises
    • dumb bell calf raises
    • wall sit


Meal #1: Oats and protein

2011February 001

Meal #2: Egg whites, gluten free toast

2011March 003

Meals #3, 4 and 5: “Taco salad” (lettuce, ground turkey, nacho cheese popcorn seasoning, hot sauce), sweet potato chips

2011March 017

My favorite part of a high carb day is sweet potato chips!  I LOVE them!

2011March 007

I take a sweet potato, thinly slice it with a mandolin, spread the slices out on a cookie sheet sprayed with olive oil Pam, spray the chips with more olive oil Pam and then lightly salt.  They are baked at 400 for 15-20 minutes.

2011March 011

The taco salads were yummy too.  The nacho cheese popcorn seasoning helps me not miss the cheese!

2011March 015


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