Saturday, March 5, 2011

77 Days Out

I have sore buns today!

They had me doing walking lunges and weighted step backs at the warehouse yesterday and boy do I feel it this morning!  I’m supposed to do hamstrings and glutes today too!  Yikes!

Yesterday started off so good.  I woke up with lots of energy (probably from the high carb day I had on Thursday)!  As we went through the afternoon, though, my energy level starting take a nose dive.  I was so tired in the afternoon and hungry (because it was a low carb day) and sore.  I didn’t feel well in the evening.  I slept pretty good last night but I kept waking up because of the soreness.

On a happier note, I received my figure suit yesterday!  I was thinking that I would start taking my progress pictures in it, but NO!  Since it is smaller than I am right now, it does not look good yet! ha!  I don’t want to stretch it out by trying it on week after week before it fits!

That black jacket and pants that I purchased to wear back stage, well I took it to get printed yesterday but it has too much ribbing, shaping seams.  The pants even have some seaming where the small logo will go by the hips!  I didn’t even think about that.  I figured the screen print would just go right over the top of all that, but Nope.  So, I will be taking those back today and trying to find something very basic.

Here is how yesterday broke down:


  • Morning cardio – 60 minutes
    • ran 5 miles
    • walked/ran with dogs
  • warehouse
    • flat bench
    • reverse row with bar bell
    • weighted step backs
    • high/low row with resistance band
    • weighted walking lunges
    • ran “out and back” (1/3 of a mile)
    • 100 full sit ups
    • 50 stability ball back extensions


Meal #1: Oats with protein

2011February 002

Meal #2:

2011March 001

Meal #3:

Picnik collage

Meal #4:

2011March 018

I snacked on pecans, pickles and sugar free gum.

2011March 014

While I was eating meal #3, Justin was eating this:

2011March 009

I don’t even know why this looked so good to me.  I can’t eat the bread because of the gluten, I can’t eat the cheese because of the dairy issue.  I think I was just tired and sore and cranky and it looked like a treat! Hmph.

Tonight we are going out!  We haven’t been on a date in a month!  I am so excited.  We are going to go somewhere for seafood and then to see a movie. Can’t wait!

2011March 008


  1. Ok Question....How long did you snack on pickles for before the show?

  2. All the way until the last 10 days. Then it was cut the sodium time! They saved my life. I also ate A LOT of cucumbers. I would peel them, de-seed them and cut them into thick little bites. If you eat them while drinking Fruit Punch Crystal Light, it's like eating candy!

  3. Thanks! I am trying to find little pleasures in life lol