Tuesday, March 8, 2011

74 Days Out

2011March 004

Justin and I don’t always eat on the same schedule, but we never want the other person to eat alone.  So, we always announce when we are going to eat so the other person can either eat also, or at least come and sit with the other.  Since I eat 400 times a day, he often is just sitting there talking to me while I eat.  It’s like my own little eating audience!

Yesterday was such a productive day! Don’t you just love those days?

Justin and I dropped our taxes off at the accountant, took my competition warm up to be screen printed and then grocery shopping!

Oh! And we went out to lunch!  What a treat!

I am feeling so good with this whole competition prep process.  I will say, it is not easy, but I FEEL so good!  There are definitely days when I want to cry because I am so tired and sore and just want some CANDY, but those days are out shined by how great I feel on all the other days.  Exercise and good eatin’ does the mind and body good!


  • Morning Cardio – a little over 2 mile run before my stomach starting cramping!  Too much popcorn seasoning the day before!  After resting for a bit, I took the girls for their walk.
  • Trained with Diana for an hour. We did back exercises!  It was great, as usual!


Meal #1:

2011March 004

Meal #2:  Egg whites and two slices gluten free toast

2011March 007

Meal #3: Grilled shrimp on arugula, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, balsamic dressing.  This was our lunch out at Houlihans!  It usually comes with big chunks of bread, but I asked for it without those.  I knew I would EAT THEM!  I didn’t eat all the tomatoes, but the rest was gone in about 2 seconds!

2011March 021

Meal #4: It was a high carb day so that means SWEET POTATO CHIPS!  I have been craving a burger and after watching Justin eat a delicious burger at lunch, I knew I had to come home and fix myself one!  I mixed ground turkey with one packet of Lipton’s Onion Soup mix, used lettuce as my bun and added onions, mustard and a pickle!  It was soooo good!

2011March 002

Meal #5

Picnik collage

Meal #6

2011March 010

All my meals were so good yesterday!  I was kind of dreading my high carb day because they have been making me feel so full and bloated all day.  I also have been having a hard time eating all six meals.  Yesterday’s high carb day was AWESOME!   My body must have been ready for it!  I enjoyed every meal!


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