Thursday, March 10, 2011

72 Days Out!

It’s working!  Everything I am doing is working!  Diana measured my body fat yesterday and I’m down another 3%! Right on track!  I am retaining water, due to my menstrual cycle, so the scale didn’t move, but my body fat sure did!  I am thrilled!  It really makes all the hard work I put in everyday worth it!


I ended up not running yesterday morning for my fasted cardio.  It was a bit too chilly out and my right hip has been pretty tight the past couple of days.  So, I headed down stairs and hopped on the elliptical for 15 minutes, then the spin bike for 15 minutes, then the treadmill for 15 minutes, THEN leashed up the girls and took them for a walk!

I worked out with Diana yesterday and we trained chest and abs!  I can feel it this morning!  HitchFit was pretty quiet yesterday, which is unusual.  In fact, Diana and I were the only two in there training.  It’s that time of year where everyone is getting a cold or some type of sickness, or at least their kids are!  So, I am glad people are opting to stay home and not bring it into the gym and give it to the rest of us!  I do NOT want to get sick right now!  It was kind of nice having the whole gym to ourselves. 


Meals #1 and #2:

2011March 004

Meal #3:

2011March 003

Meal #4:

2011March 005

Meal #5:

2011March 009

So, that was my day of exercise and food!  Off to get my fasted morning cardio in and start all over again!


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