Saturday, March 12, 2011

70 Days Out

KatyPiperToday is going to be a beautiful Saturday in Kansas City!  The sun is already shining and the temperature is supposed to be in the high 50’s!

Yesterday was beautiful too.  It was pretty windy and that made it too chilly to lay out, but it was still a gorgeous day!

I woke up feeling tired and unmotivated.  I didn’t feel like running or doing any cardio at all.  BUT!  I am only 70 days out from stepping on stage at the WBFF show, so I laced up my running shows and out the door I went!  I ran 4 miles then came home and took the girls on a mini walk because there was a big dog running around with no owner.  I got nervous and came home.  The girls were disappointed, but I don’t like having run ins with big dogs when I have the girls with me.   They got to spend A LOT of time outside yesterday running around in the back yard so they got their exercise.

2011March 013







Brutis wore himself out by playing with his mouse toy!  He also enjoyed a lot of outside time.

After my run, I ate some oats with protein powder:


Then I headed down to train with Diana.  We worked biceps, triceps and shoulders.  I trained with her three times this week because we have three sessions to make up due weather.  This week she trained me with all upper body, which means next week she’ll be able to hit all lower body with me.  I like to switch it up so by the end of the month, I have trained each muscle group once with Diana.

After training with Diana, I came home and ate another bowl of oats with protein (here’s a new pic!).

2011March 002

Then I went downstairs with Justin and did his Day 2 of Insanity.  I was TIRED when that was done and HUNGRY!  So, I ate some egg whites:

2011March 002

Then we headed to the grocery store to get some yummy food for this weekend.  We are staying in this weekend (again!).  We tossed around the idea of going out, but it’s cheaper and easier on our food choices if we just stay home!  We are definitely going out next weekend, though, I already have our sitter lined up!  No excuses.  We are having a date night!

After the grocery store, it was time to eat again!  I am really enjoying the turkey burger with a blanket of mustard these days!  It goes perfect with a salad!

2011March 005

While I was making my turkey burgers (I made eight to save for meals this weekend), I was prepping some chicken and veggies for the stir fry I was going to cook and eat later.

While at the grocery store, I picked up something sweet to get me through the peanut butter M&M cravings I am having.   After my turkey burger, I enjoyed one.

2011March 006

It’s not exactly peanut butter M&M’s but it kicks that craving for something sweet out of my brain.  I enjoyed every little orange bite I took!

My next meal was chicken stir fry!  AND there was enough left over for another meal this weekend!  Gotta love how easy and YUMMY stir fry’s are!

2011March 011

I enjoyed another sweet treat after this meal too.

2011March 012

I snacked on some roasted, unsalted almonds early in the afternoon as well.  I am ready for the snacky feeling to pass.   I am sure I am eating too much fat with all the almonds I am snacking on.  I’m going to be reaching for more sugar-free jello today and limit my almond intake.


  1. HAHA! "Hello my name is Peanut Butter M&M". I may or may not have plans to bring you a BIGASS bag of those after your competition. ;)

  2. Vann she will have plenty of candy waiting in the car after the show.