Tuesday, March 15, 2011

67 Days Out

2011March 007

The scale keeps moving, and in the right direction!  I am thrilled to wake up this morning and see that I am right on track for losing my two pounds this week.  I feel like this whole process is like trying a new recipe.

Someone gives you a new recipe.  The ingredients list is a mile long, there are cooking techniques and equipment required that you have never used.  You buy all your food and you get everything laid out and prepped.  This recipe requires total concentration and about half way through, you wonder what in the world you are doing, this is never going to look like the picture.  You keep pressing on, just crossing your fingers that everything will come together and then an hour later you pull the cooked dessert (see where my head is) out of the oven and it’s perfect and you can’t believe that it all worked out!  That’s what this comp prep process is like.  I am just doing whatever Diana tells me do and each week I am so surprised how it is all working out!

I wasn’t a very good blogger yesterday.  I didn’t take any pictures of my food.  I felt like I was exercising ALL day!

It was a low carb day and I felt it!  The whole losing an hour thing affected me too.  I couldn’t get motivated so I missed my chance to do any cardio before it was time to get my work done around here and then head to the warehouse.  So, the warehouse was my fasted cardio!

I came home and ate some oats with protein, waited an hour (playing tetris against Justin!), and then we both headed downstairs to lift weights.  We did biceps and triceps.  While Justin finished up his sets I ran upstairs and ate some egg whites.  As soon as he was done, we went right into an Insanity DVD.  I was drained.  I couldn’t finish all the exercises.

After the Insanity, I ate another bowl of oats with protein powder (so goooood!).  I wasn’t feeling too well from all the exercise, so I just laid down for a while and played more Tetris rested.

The rest of my meals were:

Meal #4: Turkey burger (one and a half) with mustard and a pickle

Meal #5: Turkey burger (one and a half) with mustard and a salad.

I had a few almonds yesterday, but I really tried to stay away from them. I feel like I have been eating too many almonds the past couple of days.

Off to do my morning cardio and then head to the warehouse!


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