Friday, March 18, 2011

64 Days Out

2011March 045I love waking up to birds chirping!

Welcome back, Spring!

When I woke up, yesterday, it was so warm out. I couldn’t wait to get outside and have an awesome five mile run, and that’s just what I did!

And in a tank top!  It felt so good not to have on layers of clothes.  I felt so light and free.

I could have ran forever!




The girls LOVED it too!

2011March 0462011March 0472011March 0502011March 0512011March 0542011March 055

They were pooped for the rest of the day!

After my morning cardio, I came home and ate a bowl of oats with protein.

2011March 009

Then Justin and I headed downstairs and lifted weights.  While Justin finished up his workout, I headed upstairs for more fuel!

2011March 002

After that had time to settle, we did an Insanity DVD!  I love that Justin is incorporating more cardio into his workouts because I have to get an extra 30 minutes a day of cardio and it’s so much easier when I know he will be doing it with me! 

After that it was time to eat again!  More oats with protein was on the menu!

2011March 009

We had to exchange out a cable box so we ran out and did that and then right back home to rest.  We were both tired after our workouts!

2011March 008 I was also a little nervous all day, because I had a big appointment in the evening.  I got my first WAX! (is it sad that I’m 34 yrs old and getting my first wax?)  I will have to have a Brazilian for the competition so I wanted to get one done early so I knew how quickly my skin would recover and what to expect.  It went great, or maybe I should say fine.  I don’t know if any part of it should really be described as great!  The girl who did it was so nice.  She really made me feel comfortable and she advised doing an extended bikini wax first because the Brazilian is intense (so I still have that to look forward to!).  I can honestly say, it wasn’t that bad.  It hurt like hell, but only for seconds (until the next strip was applied!).  We talked through the whole appointment and that took my mind off the pain.

This picture is me, after my appointment (can you notice a difference?!), treating myself to a sugar free jello!



Before I left for my appointment, I needed to eat.  I really was not hungry because I was so nervous, but I ate:

2011March 006

Could I have eaten anything more GASSY?!!  Good thing I didn’t have any “accidentals” during the appointment!  Goodness Gracious, wouldn’t that have been embarrassing!

After the appointment, I was starving!  (it only took half an hour!)  I guess all the nervousness really worked up an appetite!

I came home and made myself:

2011March 010


I snacked on almonds (24 of them), a whole pickle and two sugar free Jell-O’s yesterday in between meals.

2011March 024

I was exhausted last night and slept so good!

Happy Friday!


  1. I love the photo of you eating the jello! Your outfits looks so cute! :)

    Im 27 and have only ever had my eyebrows waxed. Waxing downstairs scares me!!!

  2. Thanks, Vann! Waxing downstairs SHOULD scare you, because it hurts like hell! The girl told me that it gets faster the more you do it. The pain is still the same, but it doesn't take as long! So, I guess that's good?!

  3. Hi kara! You look so cute with your tank top! Love your dogs too! You're getting so close to the show .... I bet you can almost taste it lol! Good luck!

  4. Thanks Ana C.! You're right, I am getting so close! Trying not to be too nervous!