Saturday, March 19, 2011

63 Days Out

2011March 011Whoa. I am now 9 weeks out from my first competition!  Time is really flying now.

Progress pictures are up! (and yes, I still need a tan)

My backside really needs to get with the program and TIGHTEN UP!  I am seeing changes each week, but it just seems like the fat is coming off sooooo sloooooow.  I want my six pack to make it’s début and my butt not to jiggle when I walk in my heels and bikini.  Today is a high carb day, tomorrow is a low day and then Monday is another high carb day.  That makes me a little crazy.  I feel like I’m going to gain!  I just have to Trust the Process.  Everything is on point and I am now half way through my competition prep, so there must be a reason Diana put some extra high days in there!  Looks like after this, there is one high day per week and then they start tapering off.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful.  I ran five miles in the morning, but got a late start so I didn’t have time to take the girls for their walk.  They were devastated and I felt terrible.  I won’t to do that to them again.





Meal #1: oats with protein

2011March 009

Meal #2: Egg whites with one slice of gluten free toast

2011March 005

Meal #3: Brown rice and ground turkey.  I also had eight asparagus spears.

2011March 003

Meal #4:  Roasted broccoli with ground turkey

Meal #5: Ground turkey with nacho cheese popcorn seasoning, ice burg lettuce, hot sauce.

2011March 009


  • Morning Cardio: Ran 5 miles
  • Trained Quads and Calves with Diana

I felt hungry all day yesterday.  I think it’s because I trained Quads.  It takes a lot out of me!  I snacked on some sugar free Jell-O and chewed a lot of gum.  I also looked at food porn (I don’t like using that word, but it is what it is.)  ALL DAY!  Some of my favorite sites are How Sweet It is, Picky Palate, Two Peas and their Pod, What Megan’s Making, Cookies and Cups.  I love looking at the pictures and reading the recipes.  Oh, I can not wait to have a chocolaty treat!


  1. Looking good! 5 miles is a lot! (at least for me hehe) ... I don't know how you guys do it... I cant look at food porn when I'm hungry. It just makes me MORE hungry and cranky since I can't eat it lol!

  2. I agree cant look at food I am not allowed to have...

    Your meals look way more delicious than mine right now...sigh...and I am nine weeks out too.