Sunday, March 20, 2011

62 Days Out

2011March 018One more progress picture from yesterday.  I’m not sure why this one didn’t load when the others did, but it showed up this morning when I was downloading my camera! Weird. (I’m posting it because I kind of like it better than the other one.)

So, yesterday was a high carb day and I was really looking forward to it.  The down side about high carb days is that I always have a gain on the scale the next day and that’s messes with my brain.  I know that it’s only water retention from the extra carbs and it will come right back off.  It just messes with me a little.

I got a really late start yesterday morning which screwed up my whole day.  I slept in until 7:30a, then I farted around reading blogs, writing in my blog, stalking around on facebook, just not feeling motivated to do anything I was supposed to be doing.  I didn’t get going on my fasting cardio until 10am!!  Which means I hadn’t eaten anything.  I got all dressed and went outside to run, only to turn right around and come back because it was cold and windy.  I hopped on the elliptical instead but just had no energy or motivation to do it.  I stayed on for about 30 minutes before heading upstairs for FOOD!

So, I am counting yesterday as my rest day and will get after it today.  No excuses!  I am carbed up from yesterday’s meals so I should have plenty of fuel to keep me going.

Date Night

2011March 010In better news, we had our first date night in about a month in a half!  It was perfect!  We went to a movie.  We saw Battle: Los Angeles.  It was kind of boring.  Just the same thing all the way through.  I didn’t fall asleep, though, so it has that going for it.  Justin took full advantage of our date night to have a cheat night (and I don’t blame him!)  He had nachos at the movie and I had sugar free gum and water.  The nachos didn’t bother me, the cheese would have just upset my stomach anyway.  Now, if he would have been eating Reese’s Pieces, THAT would have bothered me!

After the movie, we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Piropos.  Before we left the house, I checked out the menu, and knew what I would be getting.

2011March 026




This part of the date had been weighing on me a little all day, because I am so freaked out about my fat consumption right now.  I have to lose 3% body fat every two weeks to stay on track and I am just feeling like that is not going to happen this time, so I’m really watching my fat intake.  I didn’t eat any fat all day in my other meals, but I’m sure I ate more than I was supposed to at dinner.

2011March 025-2










I ordered the house salad which came with a vinaigrette.  For my appetizer, I ordered shrimp cocktail, which was five large shrimp with cocktail sauce.  For my dinner, I ordered grilled shrimp and veggie skewers and instead of the rice and beans, I ordered a side of grilled asparagus to share with Justin.  The plate still had rice on it when I got it, but I didn’t eat it.

2011March 013

The whole time I was ordering, I was thinking “order the dressing on the side, ask for no oil or butter on the shrimp and veggies” but I get too embarrassed to speak up at nice restaurants about stuff like that.  I’m sure the shrimp and veggies had some oil on them but they didn’t taste or look like they had very much.  And I know there wasn’t any butter, or that would have upset my stomach.  So, I’m feeling good about my food choices while out on our date night! I didn’t eat any of the bread and delicious dips that they put on the table. (Although, I watched Justin chew every bite of his bread!) And I certainly did not eat any of this:

2011March 017


Churros with ice cream.  I was so full from my dinner that it didn’t even tempt me.  I will have dessert again in my life time, so Justin enjoyed his dessert, a couple glasses of wine and we both went home with full and happy bellies.


Although the meal at Piropos was the highlight of the day, I did eat other meals!

Meal #1: Egg whites and two slices gluten free toast

2011March 019

Meal #2: Oats with protein

2011March 009

Meal #3: Ground turkey, sweet potato chips and roasted broccoli

2011March 022

Meal #4: Taco salad and sweet potato chips (not pictured)

2011March 015

So, that sums up our Saturday!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I’m off to get my cardio done for the day!


  1. You are strong to be able to withstand Justin eating that stuff while you didn't! Way to go!
    I love your outfit and that little bobby pin matches perfectly! I think I have that same top, but in a mint color! :)

  2. DUDE.... check out the cuts in your legs and stomach! WOW!!! You are SO coming together!! I'm SO excited for you. I really, really hope you can see. Every single picture you post is SUCH a big difference from the last. Your definition is really starting to show. And your collar bones are just popping out of your shoulders now. But your legs.. wow! The line is runnin up the side of them and your stomach is getting those cut lines up the sides. WHOOHOO GIRL! You are SO on track! Keep up the GREAT work and you will get there :-) Yay!!!!

  3. What is this caramel Fudge that you get to have?

    Can you email me about it?