Monday, March 21, 2011

61 Days Out

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and what a beautiful day it was!

2011March 029

I wore SHORTS and a T-SHIRT for my 5 mile run and then came back for the girls and took them on their walk.  Loved it.  Brutis hung out on the front porch and waited for us.

I ran with my iPod yesterday for the first time.  I NEVER run with music.  I like hearing the birds chirp and being with my thoughts for an hour with no electronics.  For some reason, yesterday, I was feeling like listening to some music.  I really enjoyed it!  Not sure if I’ll do that every morning, but it was fun!


  • Morning cardio – 5 miles + walked the dogs = 60 minutes
  • Lifted weights = Back exercises
  • Round 2 cardio – 30 minutes on elliptical


Meal #1: oats with protein

2011March 009

Meal #2: Egg whites

2011March 002

Meal #3: oats with protein

2011March 009

Meal #4: protein powder with 24 almonds

2011March 002

Meal #5: Chicken breast (cooked with spicy mustard), brussel sprouts, Walden Farms BBQ sauce (not pictured)

2011March 007

I also ate one whole pickle and two sugar free jellos for snacks. 

I laid out yesterday in my swim suit (it was that warm!).  I read and napped and it was GLORIOUS!


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