Thursday, March 24, 2011

58 Days Out

This week is flying!  It’s already Thursday!

2011March 013

Yesterday morning started like any other day, I woke at my normal hour (6am), drank coffee, cleaned the kitchen, started laundry, the norm.  I took the girls to the groomer, then came home to run.  I got almost 2 miles in and this dog came running wildly out from behind a house.  Not a scary run, like a wild, WOO-HOO, I ESCAPED run. (pretty funny looking, actually!) So, I wasn’t scared of her, I was excited for her, for a minute, until I realized that there was no one chasing after her and she was now my running buddy.  She stayed with me for the rest of my run.  Which would not have been a problem except she obviously had not been out in the world very much because she had no caution towards cars or anything.  She was running like a crazy maniac back and forth across the street, all around me, up around houses, into their back yard and I was nervous she was going to get hit by a car!  She was really slowing me down because I found myself watching out for her most of the time.  I kept telling her to go home and a couple of times I thought she had and then, nope, here she came sprinting up behind me.

I ended up not getting in my 5th mile because I ran out of time.  She followed me home and I tried to have her come to me so I could check her tags and take her home, but she wouldn’t come to me.  She wasn’t skittish, she was playful and didn’t want to get caught.  I have learned my lesson with worrying over larger dogs being lose in the neighborhood (well, I may have worried a little).  They always find their way home (and quicker than I find it)!  So, I went inside and she enjoyed her freedom (and then hopefully went home!)

2011March 015

I trained with Diana yesterday. She weighed me in and took my body fat measurement.  I am down another 2 lbs on the scale and another 2% body fat!  I am thrilled.  Of course, I wanted a 3% body fat decrease, but 2% is great!  I am really starting to see muscles that I’ve never seen before and that is exciting.  I am right on track!

Yesterday was a high carb day, which meant I felt like I was eating all….day….long.

Meal #1: oats with protein

2011March 004

Meal #2: Egg whites and 2 slices gluten free toast

2011March 019

Meal #3: Chicken breast (baked with spicy mustard), sweet potato chips, salad

Picnik collage

Meal #4: Mustard Chicken breast dipped in Walden Farms BBQ sauce with sweet potato chips

2011March 009

Meal #5: Mustard chicken breast dipped in regular mustard and sweet potato chips

2011March 0032011March 007

Meal #6: Shrimp stir fry with soy sauce

2011March 011

I LOVE stir fry’s!  I will definitely be eating this one again today!  So Yummy!

By the way, I am back to eating artificial sweetener and feel fine. I ate a sugar free Jell-O yesterday, protein powder, S.F. BBQ sauce, S.F. Italian dressing, Xtend and felt fine this morning.


  1. WHOOHOO!!! 2% body fat and 2 lbs! That's AWESOME! Wat to go! You are SO on track! Keep up the GREAT work! That makes it SO exciting to get up in the morngings so you can make more progress happen for your goals.
    I saw this the other day somewhere... maybe it was here... haha
    “You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.” -David Viscott
    PS - Dumb dog owners :-(

  2. Thanks, Kellee! Thank for the quote too! That is so true!

  3. I can't wait to see your pics on Sunday!