Sunday, March 27, 2011

55 Days Out


This picture was taken by Will Patterson at the WBFF workshop I attended yesterday.  It was so fun!  All the girls are so nice and supportive.  There are quite a few of us that are doing this for the first time.  It was nice to talk to others that are feeling the nervousness setting in but also celebrating the changes we are seeing from all the hard work.  It was just an awesome day.  We spent a lot of time practicing our poses and walking in our shoes.  I feel a lot better about all that now.  Diana was giving great feedback on our individual walks.

After the seminar, Will Patterson was set up in the back to do mini-shoots with us (which is why I got spray tanned!).  That was fun.  I had no idea what I was doing, or what poses look good, but it was fun and good experience.  I am excited to get them back and see how they turned out.

I was exhausted by the time I got home!  So much excitement all day!  I ended up not lifting weights or doing my second round of cardio. Bad.  I must say, my body feels like I did a workout though! My back is sore this morning from all the posing!  We have to stick our fannies out so much, it’s hard on the lower back!  I need to do that A LOT more!


  • Morning cardio
    • 15 minute warm-up on elliptical
    • 30 minutes jogging on treadmill
    • 15 minute cool-down on elliptical

I burned about 500 calories.


Meal #1: Oats with protein

2011March 004

Meal #2: Oats with protein

2011March 004

Meal #3: One slice gluten free bread, smoke turkey (deli meat), red bell peppers. I ate this during the workshop, out of baggies and didn’t get a picture. It looked like this only minus one of the bread slices and the plate, oh and the onion, spinach, and mustard!

2011March 002

Meal #4: Ground turkey stir fry

2011March 001

Meal #5: Salad with smoke turkey (deli meat)

2011March 003

I ate two sugar free Jell-O cups, two whole pickles and lots of dessert gum!  I was extra hungry yesterday for some reason.  I felt really snacky.  I wanted to grab a whole bag of chips and eat them!  BUT! I didn’t. I went to bed and played Spider Solitaire and watched TV, hungry, until I fell asleep.


  1. OMG! Do you see yourself? Did you ever think you would get this far? (that might have come out wrong? haha) You totally look like you belong? Your abs are like "hello! I'm here and can not be ignored!" Dude... I don't even know you and I'm SO proud of you! WOOT WOOT! Way to work it. How fun and exciting. Yay! I couldn't wait to get to work today to see your blog (um, not entirely true. hehe) Saturday night I went out to dinner with a friend I haven't seen since HIGH SCHOOL (trust me, long time) and we went to a mexican restaurant. I came SO close to blowing my program. I thought of you and how close you are to your goal and how bad I wanted to stick my whole face in that bowl of tortilla chips and somehow.. thinking about "every sincle chip will make a difference when you get up on stage" I managed to order grilled chicken. Wow! YOU helped me do that. THANK YOU! Rock on crouton(less). You're SO close! Say "hi" to your abs for me :-)

  2. Thanks for all the positive comments, Kellee!! So, are you competing too? Do you have a blog? I want to know more about YOU!! haha! I want to return the positive energy you are sending my way because it helps!!