Wednesday, March 30, 2011

52 Days Out

This morning is starting out fabulously!  I awoke 30 minutes before my alarm was to go off!  I feel ahead of the game and ready to dominate this day.  (can you tell yesterday was a high carb day?)

2011March 010 - Copy

Had to throw in a cute pic of the girls.  Piper (the little one) always looks a little sassy! 

I was dragging yesterday morning.  I was coming off three low carb days and I was hungry and tired.  I did my fasted morning cardio and then my plan was to eat my usual oats with protein and then lift weights, but I felt so run down and hungry that I thought it was best to keep refueling my body. I ended up just taking a rest day.  Looking back at my log, I did the same thing last week.  Tuesdays must be my day to rest and restore!


  • Morning Cardio
    • 30 minutes on elliptical
    • 30 minutes on spin bike


Meal #1:

2011March 001

Meal #2: I am loving my new bread: Rudy’s

2011March 002

Meal #3:

2011March 004

Meal #4:

2011March 007

Meal #5:

2011March 008

Meal #6: Egg whites, left over ground turkey, left over veggies from Monday’s stir fry and parmesan garlic popcorn seasoning sprinkled on the top! So GOOD!

2011March 018

I snacked on whole pickles, sugar free Jell-O and dessert gum yesterday.  I was HUNGRY all day!

Besides eating and not working out, we ran some errands and then I got my hair cut. (obviously, I was too run down to apply make up yesterday)

Picnik collage

We also renewed our CPR and first aid certifications.  I always feel good after getting a refresher on that stuff.  We have to renew every two years and it seems like they always change something in that time period.

After eating my big fat omelette, I settled in for the Biggest Loser and went to bed early!


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