Saturday, February 12, 2011

We’re Melting!

Kansas City is warming up for the next week!  The snow is melting and we are going to be quite soupy around here! The car washes will be packed and lots of dogs will be getting their walks (including mine!).

Here is how yesterday broke down:


  • Morning cardio
    • 40 minutes on elliptical
    • 10 minutes on spin bike
    • 10 minutes walking on treadmill
  • Diana (3 sets)
    • Leg press
    • Leg extensions
    • Squats on Dyno ball
    • Jumping jacks
    • Wall sit (1st: 1min30sec, 2nd: 2min!)
    • Calves on leg press
    • Calves on calf machine
    • Calves on smith
    • Dumb bell calf raises
    • Jumping jacks

I was pretty sore and pretty tired yesterday.  My morning cardio was slow and steady state.  I had to mix it up because I wasn’t feeling ANY of it, but I knew I had to get 60 minutes done.

The workout with Diana was tough and I was pretty lazy the rest of the day.  My body was just plain tired!  I took a nap and when I woke up, I felt nauseous from all the soreness.  I drank a ton of water and ate some food and felt much better!


Meal #1: Oats and protein

2011February 002

Meal #2: Egg whites, 2 slices brown rice toast

2011February 002

Meal #3: Chicken breast and brown rice (boooo, no picture!)

Meal #4: Chicken breast and brown rice toast, almonds (boooooo, no picture, again!)

Meal #5: Mahi Mahi, sweet potato, roasted green beans

2011February 004

Today is more of the same!  Tomorrow is PROGRESS PICTURES!  It’s been a couple of weeks so hopefully there are improvements!


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