Monday, February 21, 2011

Unhappy Faces

Yesterday went by so fast.  We hired someone to clean our house (I know. Pathetic.), but it had to be done.  Justin and I are not the best housekeepers and since I am focused on this competition, it was really falling behind.  So, problem solved, have someone else do it for ever a couple of months.  Having her in the house kind of messed with my routine so I was a little off my eating schedule and then everything else just kind of fell off balance as well! Sad smile  I was supposed to lift weights since I didn’t do it on Thursday and totally forgot!

Now, today is President’s Day so we have everyone home which means I’m already off my schedule. Sad smile  AND it’s cold again which means no running outside. Sad smile  I’m going to get it together pretty soon though and get my fanny to the warehouse!

My energy level is down a little today (can you tell).  Not sure why.  Yesterday was a high carb day so I am not carb deprived.  Hopefully this coffee I’m drinking and then some exercise will give me a boost for the rest of the day.  The number on the scale is not cooperating with me and I think that has me a little bummed. Sad smile  I know I need to trust the process and keep working through it, but it’s gets a little hard when I’m putting in the work and it’s not showing on the scale. (Can you say mood swing?  Wasn’t I just excited yesterday about how my progress pictures looked!)

I’ve got three low carb days in a row now so that should get that number moving again.  Diana will measure my body fat on Wednesday.  I KNOW that number has gone down, so I’m looking forward to that.

Okay, enough, Debbie-Downer!  Time to get this day turned around!  Look at all those unhappy faces! Sheesh!  What a hard life I have….getting my house cleaned, sleeping late, too cold outside! Ha! Smile

I DID get an AWESOME 4 mile run in yesterday in my NEW SHOES!!  It felt so good.  It was perfect running weather.  I came home and leashed up the girls for their walk/run.  We all enjoyed that!


Meal #1: Oats with protein

2011February 002

Meal #2: Egg whites, 2 slices gluten free toast

2011February 002

Meal #3: Ground turkey, brown rice, roasted broccoli

2011February 006

Meal #4: Ground turkey, sweet potato chips

2011February 009

Meal #5: Egg whites and broccoli

2011February 010

I should have drank a protein shake for that last meal because I was not hungry for food but knew I needed to eat.  I was nauseous trying to eat this meal.  I got most of the egg whites down but only a couple bites of the broccoli.  I am just not hungry at night.

Okay off to the warehouse to turn this frown upside down!!


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