Friday, February 25, 2011

More Snow

It IS still February, so it’s not surprising that we got more snow.  It’s just that the week of 60 and 70 degree weather sure made me long for Spring!

2011February 029

I miss the days of being able to wake up every morning and run outside in shorts.

2011February 028

So along with my regular morning cardio, there is shoveling in my future! Below is a picture of the path I made so the girls can get off the deck and go potty!

2011February 027

In other news, the girls went to the “salon” yesterday and got their hair cut!  (They always get a treat when they get home.)

2011February 001

2011February 005

I Red heart my dogs! 

2011February 0212011February 026

I wouldn’t want to leave Brutis out! I Red heartmy cat too!

2011February 024

Okay, enough of the crazy-animal-lady stuff! ha!

I did the elliptical for my morning cardio yesterday and then I ate oats with protein.

2011February 012

I was sooo hungry yesterday morning!  The three days of low carb definitely took affect yesterday morning!  So, only one hour later I was already hungry again.  I ate egg whites and TWO slices of gluten free toast.  Gotta love HIGH carb days!

2011February 013

I was going to wait an hour and then lift weights, but after an hour I was hungry again!  So I ate my favorite thing EVER!  SWEET POTATO CHIPS!  One medium sweet potato makes this many chips!

2011February 014

I ate them with ground turkey (the first time!).  I figured I would wait an hour or so and then go lift weights. But……

2011February 017

I was hungry again! For my next meal, I baked more chips, but this time a much smaller potato.  I think I ate a few too many the first time!  I ate them with a piece of Mahi Mahi.

2011February 019

Can you say, “where’s the veggies?!”  Yikes!  I was so excited about eating carbs that I completely neglected my veggies!  I did have a salad for dinner but we only had iceberg lettuce.  I’m not sure iceberg lettuce counts as anything, except maybe some fiber.  The taco salad was made with the rest of my ground turkey and then some lean ground beef, iceberg lettuce and LOTS of hot sauce!

2011February 020

I also snacked on almonds yesterday and enjoyed two pickles. 

So, what I’m getting at is….. I didn’t lift weights!  I got all my meals in though! ha!  I will be doing yesterday’s workout on Sunday.

Yesterday, I was really sore and tired.  I kept waking up throughout the night, too.  I slept good when I slept, but I think having the dogs in bed with us may have had something to do with the waking up.  Every time I wanted to roll over or move I had a dog to move too! Smile  Then Brutis was meowing in my ear at 5am this morning!  I don’t know what his deal is with 5am, but I really need him to get on our schedule.

2011February 025


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