Monday, February 14, 2011



Today is Valentine’s Day!  A day to eat rich, expensive food, chocolate and buy overpriced flowers celebrate your love!  I actually like Valentine’s Day, but it IS an excuse to eat large amounts of chocolate and those other things I said above.  None of that for us this year!  Don’t worry, Justin is not bummed.  He doesn’t really like chocolate, he hates making reservations and flowers are way too expensive!  He goes through the motions each year to make me happy and does all of the above, but when I said I would rather us go shopping for new workout apparel today for our Valentine’s Day gifts, he was all about it! 

So backing up to yesterday, I had a great relaxing day off! I enjoyed my day spending time with my family at my nephew’s 6th SUPER HERO birthday!

2011February 022

This chocolate cake with chocolate frosting sure looked delicious, but not even a taste touched these lips! *high five*

After the party, I bummed around the house for awhile and then it was time for the GRAMMY’S!  I watched the preshow first.  Have to see all the red carpet drama!  Let me just say, I give respect to Lady Gaga for her amazing voice and showmanship, but a “womb” down the red carpet.  Really?  I was just kind of like, WHATEVER, move on to the pretty dresses.  Who cares about your birthing schedule!

I think it was the best Grammy’s I have watched in years!  All the performances were excellent.  I was pretty surprised that Justin Beiber didn’t win anything though.

There are no workouts to talk about since I rested all day.

There is FOOD to share, though!

Meal #1: Oats and protein

2011February 020

Meal #2: Egg white omelet with red and yellow bell peppers and onions in it; one slice brown rice toast.

2011February 005

Meal #3: Ground turkey, brown rice, peppers, onions, peas.

2011February 008

Meal #4: Ground turkey, lettuce, hot sauce

2011February 046

Meal #5: Ground turkey with peppers and onions, lettuce, hot sauce

2011February 047

Gotta go get my fasting cardio in!  I’m running outside this morning,  it’s 40 degrees!


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