Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Cat’s Life

2011February 010

Brutis always looks comfortable and pretty!  I end up with so many pictures of him because of this!  He is so soft!  I just want to grab him and cuddle with him.  This feeling is not mutual!  He wants to cuddle at about 3am when he wants to lay on my chest as close to my face as he can get!  I wake up and I’m nose to nose with a purring Brutis!

We received a “dusting” of snow that caused chaos on the roads yesterday!  It was a nightmare driving down to workout with Diana!   I passed by slide-offs, a three car wreck, and two ambulances!  I was so frazzled by the time I got to HitchFit, but it didn’t take long to get that worked out of me and the drive home was no problem.  It did not help my fear of driving in the snow, though!


  • Morning cardio – 50 minutes on elliptical
  • Diana – 3 sets of:
    • Lat pull down
    • Rows (for lower back)
    • Rows (for mid back)
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Straight arm pull downs
    • Plank rows
    • Plyo pull ups
    • Squat rows
    • Assisted pull ups
    • Reverse fly on incline bench
    • Wall taps


Meal #1: Oats and protein (I was scraping that bowl clean! Soooo good!)

2011February 001

Meal #2: Oats and protein

2011February 004

Meal #3: Can of tuna and brown rice

2011February 008

Meal #4:  Tilapia, brussel sprouts, broccoli.  I snacked on almonds while this was cooking.

2011February 012

Meal #5: Can of tuna with mustard and dill relish, brussel sprouts

2011February 0142011February 021

I felt great yesterday!  It was fun talking to the other girls at the gym that are competing as well.  We can share all our questions and nervousness!  It’s going to be a HitchFit competition!

2011February 010

Cardio time!


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