Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy, Busy

2011February 102

Lately, I have been looking like this a lot more than not!  Sweaty, curly hair, no make up! (Sorry, Justin.)

It’s been such a busy morning!  I was sitting here getting caught up on everyone else’s blogs and realized I had not posted in my own!

Diana is heading to the Arnold this week so we had to move my Friday workout to today and an hour earlier!  So, I was hustlin’ this morning!

But, enough about today, I’ll post about that tomorrow! ha!  Let’s talk about YESTERDAY!

I mentioned how bad I had to go to the grocery store in yesterday’s post and I went and it was a success and I had delicious meals the rest of the day because of it!  It also forced me to wash my hair, put on makeup and wear something beside a sports bra! 

I’m glad I went when I did because shortly after I returned home, a thunderstorm hit!  It was crazy.  First of all, I had no idea it was supposed to rain and second of all, it’s just weird to hear thunder and see rain when there is so much snow on the ground.

Here is how yesterday broke down:


  • Morning Cardio
    • 40 minutes of intervals on treadmill (I couldn’t get the last 20 minutes in due to a crampy tummy.  Too much parmesan garlic popcorn seasoning and Molly McButter the day before.  My body hates dairy!)
  • Weights – 4 sets of:
    • Assisted pull ups
    • Low cable rows
    • Single arm row
    • Face pulls


Meals #1 and #2: Oats with protein

2011February 001

Meal #3: Chicken breast, sweet potato chips, salad

2011February 0022011February 003

Meal #4: Chicken breast, raw veggies

2011February 007

Meal #5: Chicken breast with mustard

2011February 011

I settled in for the night and watched the Oscar’s and it was just okay.  I enjoyed the pre-show more than the actual show!  I thought Ann Hathaway looked like she was having a good time, but James Franco looked tired and bored. 

Have a fabulous Monday!


  1. James Franco... while I GET him... he just wasn't Oscar-hosting material. Anne Hathaway could have done it on her own.

  2. also i have to add that im glad i am not the only one who does not have eyebrows without makeup! hehehe