Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bikini Time

Progress pictures are up!

2011February 0112011February 012

I figured it was time to dust off the bikini and show it all since I’m 12 weeks out.  I have to get my back side out eventually so maybe this will make me work extra hard!  I can see little changes again this week and this makes me happy.  Every little change is a step in the right direction!

2011February 008I had a GREAT workout yesterday.  I was going to do my 60 minutes of cardio using all three pieces of equipment like I did Friday but I changed my mind and did an Insanity DVD instead.

Man, those workouts kick my butt.  There were exercises that made my face look like this:

2011February 054









And then there were some that made me look like this:

2011February 092



2011February 052








Aaaahahaha!  After the Insanity workout, I hopped on the elliptical to cool down and then the spin bike.

2011February 1072011February 110

My first meal was oats with protein!  I was sooo hungry for this! I practically licked the bowl!

2011February 001

After about an hour, I drank a protein shake and then headed downstairs to lift weights.  I did four sets of the following with cardio mixed in:

  • Leg press (with four foot angles)
  • Leg Extension
  • Weighted calf raises
  • Seated, weighted calf raises

Then I hopped on the elliptical for 15 minutes.  I was WORN OUT by the end and ready to be out of my sweaty workout clothes!

My next meal was another bowl of oats with protein (again sooo good!).  I made it extra thick like peanut butter.  It was like chocolate, peanut butter oats.  Mmmmmmm.  I didn’t take another picture (please see above!)

Yesterday was a low carb day and I was pretty hungry.  I snacked on some almonds, whole pickles and cucumbers to quiet my tummy.  I also chewed Extra Dessert Delights gum, Key Lime Pie quite a bit. That gum is a life saver!

For my fourth meal, I had salmon with lemon and salt and roasted broccoli with Molly McButter.

2011February 003

I had no problems eating my fifth meal yesterday!  I had tilapia with parmesan, garlic popcorn seasoning and roasted green beans (also with parmesan, garlic popcorn seasoning).

2011February 006

Justin ate Chinese food last night and that was tough. I was kind of cranky about it.  I was so hungry all day and some Kung Bao Chicken with Shrimp was sounding soooo good.  Not good enough, though!  I am working way too hard to let a little Chinese food get in my way.  I would have felt like total poo if I would have eaten that not to mention the pounds I would have gained.  NO THANK YOU! 

I was pretty tired last night and was fighting to stay awake at 9pm!  I managed to wake back up and watch the beginning of Saturday Night Live with Justin but didn’t last very long.  I was out!

The temperature is warming up around here today and I could hear melting when I let the girls out this morning!  I have to go to the grocery store today, so bring on the melting!  Usually, I wouldn’t dare go to the grocery store on a Sunday, but I am out of all protein sources except protein powder and fish so I am very motivated to go to the store!

Cardio time!


  1. AHHHH stacy you look AWESOME! the changes from jan to now are freaking amazing and you still have 12 weeks to define everything else. HOORAY! even if the competition was TODAY i think you'd look awesome up there!
    those faces you made are hilarious, LOL
    you shoudl go to the store on sunday mornings- everyone is either sleeping in or at church and the stores and roads are DEAD. :) THATS WHEN I GO!