Thursday, February 24, 2011

85 Days Out

I have been so mixed up on what day of the week it is all week!  It’s probably the lack of carbs!  I made it through three days of low carbs.  I started feeling the affects yesterday.  I woke up feeling great.  I started loosing steam during my workout with Diana and last night I was pretty tired, BUT I thought I would feel worse!

Today is a high carb day!  Weeeeeee!  I am going to be flying high and FULL!!

I ran 4 miles outside for my morning cardio yesterday, and then came home and took the girls for their walk.

Then I ate some oats with protein:

2011February 002

I worked out wit Diana:

  • Squat to Overhead press
  • Romanian Deadlifts
  • Upright row
  • Mountain climbers
  • Lunge with front shoulder raise
  • Lunge with lateral shoulder raise
  • Pike pushups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Weight bridge
  • Rear delt raises

Darn!  There were a couple of other exercises that I can’t remember now!  Oh well, it was a great workout and you get the point!  We worked shoulders, hamstrings and glutes.

I ate more oatmeal with protein powder when I got home.  Obviously this is my favorite meal!

A little while later, I ate some egg whites.

2011February 005

I had a meeting in the afternoon and had to do get some paperwork done for that.  After the meeting, I ate some ground turkey with sour cream and onion popcorn seasoning and broccoli.

2011February 006

When I checked our mailbox yesterday afternoon, there was a package in there for me!  I LOVE getting packages!

2011February 009

It was the “Love” bracelet I had ordered from Maniceramic on Etsy!  I love it! It is even more pretty in person! The pictures of hearts are sealed with decoupage onto dominos which have been painted black!

2011February 010

It’s chunky and stretchy and super comfortable to wear! (My poor skin.  I need some lotion!)

I was not hungry at all for my last meal, so I drank a protein shake while we watched Survivor!

I was tired and slept so good last night!

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