Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy, Busy

2011February 102

Lately, I have been looking like this a lot more than not!  Sweaty, curly hair, no make up! (Sorry, Justin.)

It’s been such a busy morning!  I was sitting here getting caught up on everyone else’s blogs and realized I had not posted in my own!

Diana is heading to the Arnold this week so we had to move my Friday workout to today and an hour earlier!  So, I was hustlin’ this morning!

But, enough about today, I’ll post about that tomorrow! ha!  Let’s talk about YESTERDAY!

I mentioned how bad I had to go to the grocery store in yesterday’s post and I went and it was a success and I had delicious meals the rest of the day because of it!  It also forced me to wash my hair, put on makeup and wear something beside a sports bra! 

I’m glad I went when I did because shortly after I returned home, a thunderstorm hit!  It was crazy.  First of all, I had no idea it was supposed to rain and second of all, it’s just weird to hear thunder and see rain when there is so much snow on the ground.

Here is how yesterday broke down:


  • Morning Cardio
    • 40 minutes of intervals on treadmill (I couldn’t get the last 20 minutes in due to a crampy tummy.  Too much parmesan garlic popcorn seasoning and Molly McButter the day before.  My body hates dairy!)
  • Weights – 4 sets of:
    • Assisted pull ups
    • Low cable rows
    • Single arm row
    • Face pulls


Meals #1 and #2: Oats with protein

2011February 001

Meal #3: Chicken breast, sweet potato chips, salad

2011February 0022011February 003

Meal #4: Chicken breast, raw veggies

2011February 007

Meal #5: Chicken breast with mustard

2011February 011

I settled in for the night and watched the Oscar’s and it was just okay.  I enjoyed the pre-show more than the actual show!  I thought Ann Hathaway looked like she was having a good time, but James Franco looked tired and bored. 

Have a fabulous Monday!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bikini Time

Progress pictures are up!

2011February 0112011February 012

I figured it was time to dust off the bikini and show it all since I’m 12 weeks out.  I have to get my back side out eventually so maybe this will make me work extra hard!  I can see little changes again this week and this makes me happy.  Every little change is a step in the right direction!

2011February 008I had a GREAT workout yesterday.  I was going to do my 60 minutes of cardio using all three pieces of equipment like I did Friday but I changed my mind and did an Insanity DVD instead.

Man, those workouts kick my butt.  There were exercises that made my face look like this:

2011February 054









And then there were some that made me look like this:

2011February 092



2011February 052








Aaaahahaha!  After the Insanity workout, I hopped on the elliptical to cool down and then the spin bike.

2011February 1072011February 110

My first meal was oats with protein!  I was sooo hungry for this! I practically licked the bowl!

2011February 001

After about an hour, I drank a protein shake and then headed downstairs to lift weights.  I did four sets of the following with cardio mixed in:

  • Leg press (with four foot angles)
  • Leg Extension
  • Weighted calf raises
  • Seated, weighted calf raises

Then I hopped on the elliptical for 15 minutes.  I was WORN OUT by the end and ready to be out of my sweaty workout clothes!

My next meal was another bowl of oats with protein (again sooo good!).  I made it extra thick like peanut butter.  It was like chocolate, peanut butter oats.  Mmmmmmm.  I didn’t take another picture (please see above!)

Yesterday was a low carb day and I was pretty hungry.  I snacked on some almonds, whole pickles and cucumbers to quiet my tummy.  I also chewed Extra Dessert Delights gum, Key Lime Pie quite a bit. That gum is a life saver!

For my fourth meal, I had salmon with lemon and salt and roasted broccoli with Molly McButter.

2011February 003

I had no problems eating my fifth meal yesterday!  I had tilapia with parmesan, garlic popcorn seasoning and roasted green beans (also with parmesan, garlic popcorn seasoning).

2011February 006

Justin ate Chinese food last night and that was tough. I was kind of cranky about it.  I was so hungry all day and some Kung Bao Chicken with Shrimp was sounding soooo good.  Not good enough, though!  I am working way too hard to let a little Chinese food get in my way.  I would have felt like total poo if I would have eaten that not to mention the pounds I would have gained.  NO THANK YOU! 

I was pretty tired last night and was fighting to stay awake at 9pm!  I managed to wake back up and watch the beginning of Saturday Night Live with Justin but didn’t last very long.  I was out!

The temperature is warming up around here today and I could hear melting when I let the girls out this morning!  I have to go to the grocery store today, so bring on the melting!  Usually, I wouldn’t dare go to the grocery store on a Sunday, but I am out of all protein sources except protein powder and fish so I am very motivated to go to the store!

Cardio time!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

12 Weeks Out

2011February 038Whoa!  I am 12 weeks out from my first figure competition! Yikes!  I feel excited (and scared) and focused (and terrified)!  I wore this t-shirt to push me through my morning cardio yesterday.  It worked!  2011February 039

I am always tempted to be extra lazy on snow days.  Something about being snowed in and the cold weather and not having to be anywhere or get anyone ready just makes me want to tuck myself into bed for the day and crochet!

BUT! I didn’t. I got my fanny downstairs and did 60 minutes of cardio. I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes.  I walked at 4mph/10% incline (that’s the highest incline our treadmill will go) for 15 minutes and then dropped the incline and ran at 5.5mph for 15 minutes.  We need a new treadmill because whatever I set the speed to it runs 5-10mph faster, but doesn’t give you credit for it in the calories burned or distance ran!  That’s a bunch of crap and is very frustrating!

After the treadmill, I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes and bumped the incline up to 20 and the resistance to 10.

For the last 10 minutes, I got on the spin bike and went back and forth between resistance levels.  Man, that thing kicked my butt.  I was sweaty before I got on it but I was dripping by the time I got off!!

To finish it all off I ran our stair case five times.

Using all three pieces of equipment really made the time go by fast.  Justin joined me for the last 10 minutes so that was fun too!

I’m going to put on another fun t-shirt and do that all again today!  (I think the t-shirt is the key!)

After morning cardio, I ate a bowl of oats with protein (shocking!).

2011February 002

I waited a little over an hour and then it was time to lift weights.  I was starting to procrastinate and self-talk my way out of doing it with tales of being tired and sore.  So, I started trying on clothes!  I have a few go-to pieces that I try on from time to time and they were loose yesterday!  Yes! Trying on clothes is ALWAYS motivating to me.  So, I put on a fresh set of workout clothes and headed to the weight room!

I did four sets of the following (8-10reps):

  • Triceps extension with rope
  • Preacher curls
  • Overhead triceps extension with rope
  • Hammer curls
  • French press
  • Wide grip curls with barbell

Diana wants me to add 15 minutes of cardio to the end of my strength training 5 days a week. So, I hopped on the treadmill and ran for 5 minutes, then the elliptical for 5 minutes and finally the spin bike for 5 minutes!  Time flew by and I was exhausted!

I was starving too!  So I ate some egg whites and two slices of gluten free toast.

2011February 013

My next meal was tilapia, brown rice and a whole pickle.

2011February 002

I snacked on some almonds in the afternoon and then ate a competition friendly taco salad.  Lean beef (ran out of ground turkey), lettuce and hot sauce.

2011February 003

I didn’t eat my last meal.  I was going to drink a protein shake but never did.  I have GOT to get my meals in earlier because by about 6:30p, I am done eating.  The thought of having to eat makes me nauseous.

Today is a low carb day and I am looking forward to it!  My high carb day made me gain two pounds?!  I am hoping that is all part of the process and my body will quickly get rid of that plus more!  I really need to stay on track with losing two pounds a week.

Our roads are pretty icy this morning, but hopefully they clear up this afternoon and Justin one of us can go to the grocery store! Winking smile 

Cardio time!

Friday, February 25, 2011

More Snow

It IS still February, so it’s not surprising that we got more snow.  It’s just that the week of 60 and 70 degree weather sure made me long for Spring!

2011February 029

I miss the days of being able to wake up every morning and run outside in shorts.

2011February 028

So along with my regular morning cardio, there is shoveling in my future! Below is a picture of the path I made so the girls can get off the deck and go potty!

2011February 027

In other news, the girls went to the “salon” yesterday and got their hair cut!  (They always get a treat when they get home.)

2011February 001

2011February 005

I Red heart my dogs! 

2011February 0212011February 026

I wouldn’t want to leave Brutis out! I Red heartmy cat too!

2011February 024

Okay, enough of the crazy-animal-lady stuff! ha!

I did the elliptical for my morning cardio yesterday and then I ate oats with protein.

2011February 012

I was sooo hungry yesterday morning!  The three days of low carb definitely took affect yesterday morning!  So, only one hour later I was already hungry again.  I ate egg whites and TWO slices of gluten free toast.  Gotta love HIGH carb days!

2011February 013

I was going to wait an hour and then lift weights, but after an hour I was hungry again!  So I ate my favorite thing EVER!  SWEET POTATO CHIPS!  One medium sweet potato makes this many chips!

2011February 014

I ate them with ground turkey (the first time!).  I figured I would wait an hour or so and then go lift weights. But……

2011February 017

I was hungry again! For my next meal, I baked more chips, but this time a much smaller potato.  I think I ate a few too many the first time!  I ate them with a piece of Mahi Mahi.

2011February 019

Can you say, “where’s the veggies?!”  Yikes!  I was so excited about eating carbs that I completely neglected my veggies!  I did have a salad for dinner but we only had iceberg lettuce.  I’m not sure iceberg lettuce counts as anything, except maybe some fiber.  The taco salad was made with the rest of my ground turkey and then some lean ground beef, iceberg lettuce and LOTS of hot sauce!

2011February 020

I also snacked on almonds yesterday and enjoyed two pickles. 

So, what I’m getting at is….. I didn’t lift weights!  I got all my meals in though! ha!  I will be doing yesterday’s workout on Sunday.

Yesterday, I was really sore and tired.  I kept waking up throughout the night, too.  I slept good when I slept, but I think having the dogs in bed with us may have had something to do with the waking up.  Every time I wanted to roll over or move I had a dog to move too! Smile  Then Brutis was meowing in my ear at 5am this morning!  I don’t know what his deal is with 5am, but I really need him to get on our schedule.

2011February 025

Thursday, February 24, 2011

85 Days Out

I have been so mixed up on what day of the week it is all week!  It’s probably the lack of carbs!  I made it through three days of low carbs.  I started feeling the affects yesterday.  I woke up feeling great.  I started loosing steam during my workout with Diana and last night I was pretty tired, BUT I thought I would feel worse!

Today is a high carb day!  Weeeeeee!  I am going to be flying high and FULL!!

I ran 4 miles outside for my morning cardio yesterday, and then came home and took the girls for their walk.

Then I ate some oats with protein:

2011February 002

I worked out wit Diana:

  • Squat to Overhead press
  • Romanian Deadlifts
  • Upright row
  • Mountain climbers
  • Lunge with front shoulder raise
  • Lunge with lateral shoulder raise
  • Pike pushups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Weight bridge
  • Rear delt raises

Darn!  There were a couple of other exercises that I can’t remember now!  Oh well, it was a great workout and you get the point!  We worked shoulders, hamstrings and glutes.

I ate more oatmeal with protein powder when I got home.  Obviously this is my favorite meal!

A little while later, I ate some egg whites.

2011February 005

I had a meeting in the afternoon and had to do get some paperwork done for that.  After the meeting, I ate some ground turkey with sour cream and onion popcorn seasoning and broccoli.

2011February 006

When I checked our mailbox yesterday afternoon, there was a package in there for me!  I LOVE getting packages!

2011February 009

It was the “Love” bracelet I had ordered from Maniceramic on Etsy!  I love it! It is even more pretty in person! The pictures of hearts are sealed with decoupage onto dominos which have been painted black!

2011February 010

It’s chunky and stretchy and super comfortable to wear! (My poor skin.  I need some lotion!)

I was not hungry at all for my last meal, so I drank a protein shake while we watched Survivor!

I was tired and slept so good last night!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

86 Days

Yesterday I said it was 88 days until the competition but I was counting the day of the competition in that number.  So, it was actually 87 days and therefore today is 86! Yay!

It was too cold for this girl to run outside yesterday so I retreated to the treadmill.  I thought I was going to do the elliptical, but I wanted to burn more calories and let’s face it, it takes FOREVER to burn calories on an elliptical!  So, I did intervals on the treadmill.  I was a sweaty mess when I got done!

2011February 005

I am going in to day 3 of low carbs and so far I feel good!  I thought I would be dragging and irritated but I feel GREAT!  Maybe that means that by body is burning up my fat as fuel!  Burn Baby Burn!

So, I already mentioned that I did intervals on the treadmill for my morning cardio yesterday.  Then I ate this:

2011February 001

I did some work and then headed to the warehouse, where I did the following:

  • Arm circuit – 3 times
    • Curl to overhead press
    • Skull crushers
    • Single arm medicine ball pushups
  • Leg Circuit – 3 times
    • Weighted up and overs on the box
    • Weighted, Walking office chair
    • Body weight squats, jump squats (twice)
    • Alternating lunges, jumping alternating lunges (twice)
  • Cardio – 3 times
    • Treadmill – 3 minutes
    • Running against resistance rope – 3 minutes
    • Jump rope – 3 minutes

I came home and ate this:

2011February 001

After about an hour, I headed downstairs with Justin and I did the following four times

  • Flat bench
  • Flat fly
  • Pushups
  • Incline Fly
  • Crunches on stability ball
  • Hanging Leg Lift

Then I ate some egg whites, of which I forgot to take a pictures, but I’m sure you know what those look like!

I laid around and crocheted for a while, totally ignoring some paperwork that I desperately need to get done and then I ate this:

2011February 008

So that was my day!  I am running a little late this morning, so this post is kind of rushed!  I got all my meals in yesterday, drank a gallon of water and took all my supplements so I am feeling GOOD!

Happy  Wednesday!