Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Wonderland?

We are bracing for another snow storm around here!  We stocked up at the grocery store yesterday to get us through the next three or four days in case we are stuck at home.  You just never know!  The weather people are saying 6 to 8 inches (but that could mean anything!) and then it’s not supposed to get above freezing for a couple of days.  So, whatever piles up is going to stick around for awhile.  I don’t really mind though.  Being snowed in (for a couple of days) is fun! We stay snuggled in and I get A LOT of crocheting done! 

2011January 033

I did some knitting yesterday.  I forgot how beautiful knitted scarves turn out. They take a lot longer then crocheted scarves, but it’s worth it.  I’ll be posting pictures soon of a set I am doing for a very special lady (that’s you, Christy!)! Winking smile

My exercise yesterday was short and sweet.  I did 35 minutes on the elliptical.

2011January 003

Then I did a quick little workout of shoulders, biceps and triceps.  I know!  It’s a weird workout.  I wasn’t really feeling it yesterday.  I knew I needed to do some sort of strength training though, so that’s what I did!

Iron cross for the shoulders (12lb dumb bells):

2011January 0062011January 008

Dumb bell curls for biceps (15lb dumb bells):

2011January 0182011January 0202011January 019

French press for triceps (20lb dumb bell):

2011January 0222011January 0252011January 021

Then I hopped back on the elliptical for 20 minutes and by then Justin had joined me!

2011January 028

We did 30 minutes of cardio in the evening as well.

My diet looked like this yesterday:

Meal #1: Apple, 2 whole eggs, turkey bacon, gluten free toast

2011January 0302011January 032

Meal #2: Turkey Italian sausage, brown rice noodles, peppers and onions. I snacked on some grapes while this was cooking.

2011January 036

Meal #3: Steak and brussel sprouts.

2011January 039

Looks like I didn’t eat enough yesterday!  Sad smile  Funny, I didn’t even notice!  I was never hungry.  That’s why this blog is good! It’s time to say good morning to my elliptical!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Yeah as soon as I saw this pic I knew what you were working on, LOL! BTW- got my grocery shopping too and picked up the brown rice noodles, bread, and some Franks too! My freezer is stocked up with chicken too. When P.Chop put the frozen ckn breast on sale for $3.99 I bought 12 bags I think, gotta be prepared right!


  2. LOL! That's funny (and smart!) about the chicken breast! You are right, though, have to be prepared and those suckers get expensive! Sales are the best!