Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

It’s a snow day!!  Yay!!!  A great excuse to stay in my jammies and crochet all day!

2011January 039

Now that I work from home, I love it when it snows!  It’s so beautiful and makes everything quiet!

I started yesterday off with oats and protein.  If you have missed how I like to eat my oats from previous posts, here is how I do it.  (I don’t like creamy oatmeal.)

2011January 007


I cook old fashioned oats, with just enough water to cover them, for 4 minutes, in the microwave. 






Then I let them sit for just a minute, to soak up any left over water, while I mix up one scoop of chocolate protein powder in a separate bowl (in my case, a very large coffee cup!).

2011January 0022011January 0042011January 006

I pour the chocolate protein over my oats and WA-LA it’s like cereal with milk!

2011January 0082011January 009

I love it!  I can eat it hot or cold this way. 

We received our order!  We got vanilla ice cream and double chocolate protein powder and a whole bunch of free stuff!  Justin is modeling the free t-shirt and he was super excited about the free razor he received (those puppies are expensive!)!  2011January 014

2011January 016



I snacked on part of an apple that was left over from Justin making a protein shake.





2011January 0182011January 022



It had apple, grapes, carrots, spinach, vanilla ice cream protein powder and milk. I just had a taste and it was good!



Then it was time to eat the usual second breakfast of egg whites.  This time I opted for no turkey bacon and had gluten free toast and grapes.

2011January 023

My next meal was brown rice noodles with tomato sauce, a little parmesan cheese and green beans.  (It was about 5 oz of pasta.)

2011January 026

2011January 027



and Key Lime Pie for dessert!






Then it was time to watch the play off game!  Go Chiefs!  Piper decided to watch the game with Dad.

2011January 028

2011January 038


Brutis couldn’t care less!




By dinner time, the buffalo chicken (recipe courtesy of Vann) that had been cooking all day in the crock pot was done and it was delicious!  The food scale is back!  I had 4oz of brown rice, 4 oz of buffalo chicken and then loaded on the ice burg lettuce!  It was really good!

2011January 0312011January 032

The last meal of the day was another 4oz of buffalo chicken. This time with 4oz of brown rice noodles and a salad.

2011January 0332011January 037

I got all my meals in!  Yes! Five meals and an apple snack!


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